LCS and Overwolf Partnership For the Upcoming 2020 Alienware Games

by in CS:GO | Jul, 15th 2020

It’s official guys – Alienware Games are back. The annual esports competition is coming back, bringing forth a whopping $150,000 in prize money and a whole heap of prominent figures from the esports industry to back it up. 2020 Alienware Games is brought to you by the likes of Overwolf, Playwire, and Dell, and it promises a lot of fancy things for both gamers and viewers. Let’s take a closer look!

2020 Alienware Games | Key Event Facts

  • 2020 Alienware Games start on July 17th and are set to last till September 11th. The event will feature eight weeks of thrilling competitive action, all based on the 2020 Alienware Games leaderboard which will decide the winners.
  • 2,500 gamers will be awarded in-game currencies every week. Combine that with twenty-four Alienware Aurora R9 gaming rigs and you’ll realize the lucrativeness behind the event. 
  • This year’s Alienware Games are going to be backed by a plethora of prominent figures from the esports industry. We’re talking numerous pro players (both sports and esports) as well as streamers, gaming influencers, and so on; the likes of Misfits’ ProxyFox, Liquid’s Stewie2K, Boston Celtics’ Gordon Hayward, record producer Steve Aoki and many more. 

“Last year’s challenge was designed to create value for the gaming community and Alienware using authentic in-game experiences. This year, we have created something truly unique and for the first time ever, our challenge will run across multiple games and geographies simultaneously, ensuring the contest is inclusive to all types of gamers, while giving them an even playing field to compete with one another. By creating a unified scoring system across these four massively popular gaming titles, we are empowering players of all skill levels to earn prizing and forge unforgettable experiences by doing what they love most,” Anthony Alexander, EVP of Global Sales at Playwire

How to Join 2020 Alienware Games

Here’s a short step-by-step guide featuring everything you need to know about joining the upcoming competitive action, courtesy of Alienware:

  1. First things first – you’ll need to download the official competition app that will track in-game events and award you for your gameplay stats, including kills, assists, wins, and similar.
  2. The second step is ought to be the most entertaining one – play CSGO, Fortnite and League of Legends to earn points. The more points you win, the higher your chances of winning some of the awards. 
  3. Another way of earning points is through sharing highlight clips. Overwatch apps such as Fuze and Outplayed will be your friends – share your best moments there, publish them via Twitter and you’ll receive extra points.
  4. There’s another way you can earn extra 2020 Alienware Games points, and it’s a sweet one. All you have to do is watch the official LCS stream over at and you’ll get them juicy drops.
  5. Finally, let’s talk about the prizes. Each week, 2,5000 players will win in-game currencies. On top of that, twenty-four best and luckiest performers will win the state-of-the-art Alienware Aurora gaming rig. It’s definitely worth a shot, right?

“We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to build an Alienware Games App that will make this year’s competition even more exciting as players of all skill levels come together to prove themselves in their favorite games. As gamers ourselves, earning prizes while enjoying competitive play in an organic manner is something we strive for and this year we are proud to reward even greater prizes and more chances to walk away as a winner,” commented Uri Marchand, CEO of Overwolf

Everything seems ready for the action to start! Fingers crossed 2020 Alienware Games live up to the hype!


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