LCK Legend GorillA Retires From Pro Play

by in League of Legends | Dec, 9th 2020

Kang “GorillA” Beom-hyu, a bona fide legend of LoL’s LCK and one of the best supports to ever grace the stage, has decided to hang his mouse and keyboard and retire from professional play. The fact that he decided to start a new chapter of his life shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, though. After all, he’s been mulling over retirement for quite a while, much like his old lane partner Kim “PraY” Jong-in.  

A Storied Career

Losing GorillA is nothing short of depressing. He’s been a household name and one of the most wholesome and competitive supports in the history of the game. Heck, he’s pretty much reached Hong “MadLife” Min-gi levels of fame and adoration, and there’s a very good reason why. His staggering accomplishments speak for themselves — GorillA is a former LCK champion whose name is etched in the annals of competitive League. Unfortunately, his career took a turn for the worse after signing for Misfits Gaming back in 2019. That was the moment things started going downhill. And we’re really putting it mildly here. 

GorillA’s LoL skill never really deteriorated prior to his retirement (at least not to a noticeable degree), but he was nonetheless unable to sign for a top-tier LCK team after his perplexing debacle over in the LEC. Most recently, we saw him compete under the SANDBOX Gaming banner which didn’t exactly go all that well. They finished ninth in Spring and seventh in Summer — hardly anything worth writing home about. 

His retirement TwitLonger is somewhat cryptic but also fairly poetic. We still don’t know what GorillA will do next, but it’s fair to assume that he’ll transition into coaching or perhaps become a full-time content creator/streamer. Both careers paths make a lot of sense for someone so skilled and beloved. Either way, if this really is the end of his long and storied career, we hope he’ll find as much success in his future endeavors as he did in professional play!


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