Latest MTG Throne of Eldraine Spoilers Preview Reveals Hushbringer Faerie, More

by in Magic: The Gathering Arena | Sep, 20th 2019

We are nearing the end of the MTG Throne of Eldraine spoilers for the Magic: The Gathering fall expansion set to release in less than a week, well, at least digitally that is. As such, we have a massive group of spoilers for players to check out that feature some impressive reveals.

Final MTG Throne of Eldraine Spoilers Preview Reveals Hushbringer Faerie, More

These spoilers this time around showcase several different cards from across multiple colors, giving a wide range of announcements. As such, there is something for just about everyone to examine in these reveals. The star of these reveals is a new faerie card that will be welcome for some players.

When the Throne of Eldraine expansion was first announced, it was teased using faeries so this led many to believe they were the core theme of the set. However, they are actually only a small portion but the Hushbringer faerie creature more than makes up for that on her own.

But she’s not the only card to be revealed this time around with red, blue, black, and green also getting some love in these spoilers. Without further ado, let’s kick off these spoilers by taking a look at Deathless Knight.

MTG Throne of Eldraine Spoilers: Deathless Knight


Deathless Knight is a green and black hybrid knight that is one of the last few hybrid characters to be revealed for the upcoming set. Deathless Knight is a skeleton knight creature card that costs four mana to summon like the other hybrids. You can use either four green mana or four black to summon it, or a mix of the two.

When it arrives on the field, it has the okay stats of four/two. Those stats are bolstered by the haste mechanic that allows it to attack on the same turn that it is summoned, which is good since its health isn’t that great. However, it still doesn’t matter since Deathless Knight is basically immortal.

The main ability for Deathless Knight allows it to come back from the dead almost every single turn of the match if you’d like. Whenever you gain life for the first time each turn of the match, you are allowed to return Deathless Knight from the graveyard to your hand.

What this means is that Deathless Knight is going to eventually die; that’s obvious because of its weak health that, on the fourth turn and later, won’t last for too long. However, it isn’t a problem if it dies because healing yourself each turn will bring it back to your hand for a summon again.

The best part is that it has haste so that you can get the full use of it each turn that it’s on the field even if it is to die on the next turn your opponent has. Since this card is a hybrid between green and black, it’s clear that you should add this card to your deck if you have a food token deck.

Food tokens let you heal yourself for three life and there are plenty of cards like Oko, Thief of Crowns who can produce them constantly. With that, you should have no problem healing yourself every turn and bringing this Deathless Knight back from the grave in the process.

MTG Throne of Eldraine Spoilers: Dwarven Mine


Next up, we have a new land card for players to check out, which we haven’t gotten too many of thus far in the MTG Throne of Eldraine spoilers. This land card is Dwarven Mine, which is a red mountain land card that, of course, adds one red mana to your pool when you play it and then tap it.

However, this is a special land card that has two main abilities attached to it. The first is a simple limitation that requires you to play Dwarven Mine when you already have three or more other mountain land cards on the field. If you don’t do this, it will enter the field tapped and unavailable for use that turn.

In addition, you want it to enter the field untapped so that you can take advantage of the second, also simple ability that will give a nice little boost at least. When Dwarven Mine enters the field untapped (i.e. you already have three or more mountains), it will create a one/one red dwarf creature token.

Of course, you could have multiples of this one land card in your deck and play them all after you already have three or more mountains, and suddenly, you have a ton of little one/one creature tokens on the field. This is a simple mountain land card that will benefit certain red decks.

Throne of Eldraine Spoilers: Festive Funeral


Next up is Festive Funeral, which is a stunning card that will have you wanting to host a masquerade of your own. Festive Funeral is a black instant spell card that costs five mana to use, one of which must be black mana. It has only one ability but it is a simple and effective one.

Casting Festive Funeral will cause the target creature of your choosing to have -X/-X to its stats until the end of the turn. Being that the stats are variable, it all depends on a certain factor. That factor that determines the number is how many cards you currently have in your graveyard.

So, for instance, if it is later in the match and you have six cards in the graveyard, the target creature gets minus six/minus six to its stats for the rest of that turn. This is great for stopping just about any card from attacking you on your opponent’s turn.

Since this is an instant spell card, you are able to play it anytime, whether it’s on your turn or on the opponent’s turn. This allows you to stop a powerful monster from attacking you or render a certain creature helpless and unable to block when you are trying to attack on your turn.

Throne of Eldraine Spoilers: Happily Ever After


For the next part, we have the long-awaited card Happily Ever After. This is a card we’ve waited sometime for since the announcement that the upcoming set would feature knights and fairy tales. With each fairy tale, the phrase “happily ever after” is a staple that is synonymous with them.

As such, it comes as no surprise that we have a card that is named after the phrase and is rather detailed. The text on Happily Ever After is one of the longest we’ve ever seen and for good reason. It is a white enchantment card that costs three mana to use, one of which must be white mana.

The first ability of Happily Ever After is an easy one to grasp. Whenever it enters the field, every player gains five life points instantly and draws a card. That’s easy enough on its own but the second ability is a lengthy one and it is absolutely bonkers on the battlefield.

At the beginning of your upkeep, you have some requirements that you must meet for the main ability to activate. The first of these is if you happen to have all five colors among the permanents that you control, meaning that you have black, white, green, red, and blue on the field.

The second requirement is that you must have six or more card types among the permanents you control and/or cards in your graveyard. What this means is that you need six distinct types like humans, giants, dwarves, and so on. You don’t need them on the field either so long as they are in the graveyard.

Last but not least, the final requirement that you need is for you to have a life points total that is greater than or equal to the 20 points that you start out with at the beginning of the match. The five life points gain should help with meeting this requirement when you play Happily Ever After.

So, those are some massive requirements so what is the benefit of doing all of this? Well, you will actually win the game right then. It’s insane and we love it, offering a fun alternative for players who want to just stack their deck with all sorts of varied cards and then win for being totally flexible.

Throne of Eldraine Spoilers: Hushbringer


Happily Ever After isn’t the only showstopper in this set of spoilers either as Hushbringer is quite the impressive faerie card. Hushbringer is a white faerie creature card that costs two mana to summon, one of which must be white mana. It has the okay stats of one/two when you summon it.

Though it has okay stats, this is boosted by the fact that it has flying, of course, being a faerie and that it has lifelink so you’ll be healed by the damage it causes. Just with these keywords and stats, this makes Hushbringer a solid card for playing on the second turn.

But what really makes Hushbringer great is its main ability that causes all creatures that have abilities that activate when they enter the battlefield or die to not be able to use those abilities. Considering how many cards have abilities that trigger upon entering the field, just in this MTG Throne of Eldraine spoilers post no less, it makes this card rather valuable.

Not to mention the fact that Hushbringer has some of the most haunting artwork we’ve seen thus far in the set. It is both terrifying and gorgeous all at the same time. We can’t wait to see how players use this card in their decks to stop others in their tracks.

Throne of Eldraine Spoilers: Locthwain Gargoyle


For the next card, we have Locthwain Gargoyle, which is likely to have a different name in English since a non-English version of the card was revealed. It is a gargoyle artifact creature card that is colorless and costs one mana to summon. You can, of course, use any color mana that you want to do so.

It arrives on the field with the strange stats of zero/three. But it does have a mana ability that costs four mana to use and will give Locthwain Gargoyle plus two to attack and plus zero to health until the end of the turn along with flying.

Overall, this makes Locthwain Gargoyle a rather lame artifact creature that is cheap to summon with some solid defense early on in the match but, otherwise, isn’t worth the effort. Four mana for flying and plus two to stats until the end of the turn is only useful if you have nothing else you can do that turn. Otherwise, you’re better off spending that four mana on something more helpful.

MTG Throne of Eldraine Spoilers: Mystic Sanctuary


Last but not least for this set of MTG Throne of Eldraine spoilers is Mystic Sanctuary. Mystic Sanctuary is another land card that was revealed in this group but this time for blue deck players. Mystic Sanctuary is a blue island land card that adds one blue mana to your mana pool.

Like Dwarven Mine, Mystic Sanctuary has a couple of abilities that are fairly similar in structure. Mystic Sanctuary will enter the battlefield tapped unless you already control three or more other island land cards on the field. You’ll want to have those so you can use its mana as soon as you summon it.

In addition, if you have three or more island cards and Mystic Sanctuary enters the field untapped, you are able to put a target instant or spell card from your graveyard on top of your deck. This makes Mystic Sanctuary a staple for blue control and spell decks out there.

You are able to bring back a valuable spell card you’ve already used in the match back from the dead and put it on the top of your deck for drawing soon. Without a doubt, Mystic Sanctuary is one land card that you should consider adding to your blue deck and keeping multiple copies of as well.

We don’t have too much longer to wait for the Throne of Eldraine expansion to release as it comes out next week on Thursday, September 26 digitally followed by the traditional physical release on October 4 in stores.


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