Larssen Extends His Contract With Rogue Through 2023

by in League of Legends | Aug, 24th 2021

Emil “Larssen” Larsson has officially extended his contract with Rogue through 2023! This, in short, should come as no surprise. He and Kacper “Inspired” Słoma have been Rogue’s most treasured players and have built their names under this particular banner. 

Moreover, they’re some of the best and most consistent players in the LEC. The fact that Rogue would try to extend their contracts for as long as possible makes all the sense in the world. Heck, it’s not like there’s any free agent out there who’d be a better fit for the boys in blue. Larssen, in particular, has accomplished wonders during his stint with Rogue. We’re glad that Larssen and Rogue felt it is a good idea to prolong their working relationship through 2023.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

As usual, Larssen stood out in all the right ways throughout the regular portion of the Summer Split. He had the second-highest KDA (5.0), was the leader in Gold and Creep Score differentials at the 10-minute mark, and had dealt the third most Damage Per Minute (509) amongst all mid laners.

Still, if there’s one thing that you can fault Larssen for, it is the fact that he doesn’t always deliver once his back is up against the wall. Rogue, as a whole, are generally considered as “chokers” — it is an identity they can’t shake off no matter how hard they try. They always play spectacular League of Legends up until the playoffs, where they fumble and fail in a myriad of ways for one reason or another. Now, that’s not necessarily Larssen’s fault, but his play does often dive whenever things go down to the wire.

Regardless, he’s one of the best and most talented mid laners in the LEC and will no doubt continue to impress over the coming months and years.


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