LA Thieves Drazah Moved Back to Starting Roster

by in Call of Duty | Apr, 6th 2021

It is time once again in the Call of Duty League for some significant roster changes. This time around, it is the next major change for the Los Angeles Thieves, which might be surprising given that they just switched things up considerably in the last couple of weeks, but this time, it involves Drazah. 

LA Thieves Bring Drazah Back

The LA Thieves announced that it would have a new starting roster for the upcoming Call of Duty League Stage 2 Major. The four players leading the Los Angeles team in the tournament will be slightly different from what it was for most of the second stage. 

The four players on the main LA Thieves roster will be joined by the bench player Drazah who will be coming out of the Challengers division that he has been competing in for a while now to help the Thieves out when it comes to this Stage 2 Major tournament. 

Of course, that means the addition of Drazah will result in the shift of the current roster to allow for him to be there. In this case, it means that one of the existing starting players will now be moving to the bench for the time being. 

While you might expect someone like Venom who just joined the team for the second stage or someone like that, it isn’t the case. One of the main starting players who the LA Thieves are known for will be moving to the bench to allow Drazah to shine. 

Slasher Moves to the Bench

That player is none other than Slasher. The popular and beloved LA Thieves player will be moving to the bench for the Major tournament to make way for the long-awaited return of Drazah. The young now former Challengers player will once again have a chance to show his skills. 

But this decision has been met with controversy from the fans in the LA Thieves community. Many aren’t too happy with the loss of Slasher to the bench now. Some think that it should have been handled in a very different way with this roster change. 

After all, both Slasher and Drazah were once part of the same team together during the inaugural Call of Duty League season last year. That was when the Thieves were known by the OpTic Gaming LA name and had a complicated history that isn’t too far off from the current one. 

Though the OpTic Gaming LA team started the season with a mixed performance, they improved over time and eventually was one of my favorite teams of the year. Not to mention, they had one of the strongest performances during the playoffs last year to end things. 

Moving Drazah to the Bench Was a Bad Decision in the First Place

Part of this was due to the newcomer Drazah’s performance, who complemented Kenny, TJHaLy, and, of course, Slasher. So, it was a pretty poor decision, in my opinion, when Drazah was relegated to the bench for this season in favor of bringing in Temp. 

That was a pretty poor decision where Drazah would have been a great addition to the team as he was one of the best players near the end of the 2020 season for OpTic Gaming LA. As we have seen recently, the rookies are the ones who are changing up the competition this season. 

It remains to be seen how the return of the young rookie — perhaps no longer a rookie? — will affect the LA Thieves moving forward. But no matter what, they need some serious shifts now to recover and get back to being one of the best teams this season. 

They are currently ranked fifth in the league, which sounds great, but is met with controversy given that they have lost an overwhelming number of matches in Stage 2. Despite being arguably a top-three team in the first stage, they have failed considerably since the end of the first Major. 

This led to the sudden decision to bring in the rookie Venom from the Challengers division and bench Temp, but it wasn’t enough for the team to recover. They still lost two more matches with Venom on the team, being the only team to make major roster changes that didn’t improve when compared to the London Royal Ravens and Minnesota Rokkr. 

It didn’t help that Kenny had a non-COVID-related medical emergency that had to be dealt with recently, resulting in Temp returning suddenly, and the team likely not be ready for that. They were then swept by the LA Guerrillas for a second time this season. 

LA Thieves Have a Tough Major Ahead of Them

These mistakes can’t keep happening, or else the team will quickly lose their fifth place soon. Here’s hoping that Drazah can, once again, help the team improve like he did last year when he and Hollow were added to the roster the first time. 

Fortunately, the roster will be complete during the Major with Kenny’s return and the already existing players of TJHaLy and Venom. They will need to bring their all as the second Major begins this week, with the Thieves starting in the first match of the eliminations bracket. 

They will face off against the Paris Legion in their first match of the tournament. The team who loses there will be immediately eliminated from the competition and not receive any prize money. The LA Thieves have a long road ahead of them if they wish to get a solid placement in the Major. 

They will need to take down Paris and London Royal Ravens after that. If they can do that, they guarantee some prize money but will have to fight against one of the upper bracket teams, most of which have been amazing lately. It will be a tough fight for the LA Thieves, so stay tuned to find out what happens for them as the Major will be kicking off tomorrow when writing this. 


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