LA Thieves 2021 Call of Duty League Team Finally Revealed

by in Call of Duty | Dec, 14th 2020

The Call of Duty League is likely no more than two months away from the start of the 2021 season in which teams will compete to see who is the best at Black Ops Cold War. But before the season can start, the teams have to be revealed, and the latest one has been announced. The newest team this season is the LA Thieves 2021 team, and it has finally been revealed.

LA Thieves Finally Reveals Its Lineup for 2021 Season

The Los Angeles 100 Thieves team is perhaps the most exciting and interesting in the Call of Duty League 2021 season. As the only “new” team in the slightest since we don’t have any actual brand new teams joining the league in this upcoming season, this is an exciting and momentous occasion. They are likely to be the most curious team in the upcoming season.

Taking over from the former Los Angeles-based team from this year, the LA Thieves 2021 team will be one of the teams to watch next year. It is only going to get more interesting with the starting lineup that has been finally announced. There are very few teams that are still a mystery since the league will start soon, but the Los Angeles Thieves are no longer one of them.

Given the crazy nature of the whole situation surrounding the LA Thieves 2021 team, the changing of its branding, and the new leadership that has taken over the organization, it is no surprise that it took this long to finalize the roster. For the most part, much of the team will remain the same for three of its players, but there will be one new addition this season.

Three of the returning members from the OpTic Gaming LA 2020 team will be coming back for another go-around this season as a group and one of the most anticipated teams around. They will be joined by one very popular new member who is somewhat surprising but not really. Here is the LA Thieves 2021 team for the next Call of Duty League season.

Temp Is the Only Newcomer

With the changes to the 2021 season of the league, there will only be four members in the starting lineup of every team as opposed to five as it was during the inaugural season. With the switch to Black Ops Cold War this season, the league returns to its classic format. That is good news for fans but bad news for teams who had to kick at least one player to the bench or off the team.

In the case of the LA Thieves 2021 team, two players likely left in favor of other ventures, leaving three players to stay in their places: Kenny Kuavo, TJHaLy, and Slasher. The three of them are returning players from the previous season who made up many excellent and underrated OpTic Gaming LA team.

The newcomer joins them to the LA Thieves 2021 team, and that is Temp, who you will likely recognize as one of the former New York Subliners players. He was also part of one of the best teams in the entire league in Season 1, so pairing these players together will make it so that this first LA Thieves team could be one of the most exciting teams next year.

What is even more intriguing about this situation is that these players are not unfamiliar with one another. Temp has played with these fan-favorite veterans in his career, though, not necessarily all at once. He has played with TJHaLy, Kenny, and Slasher at some point in the several years that he has been around, so this pairing isn’t surprising.

They were all playing recently together in some of the various events that have been happening since Black Ops Cold War launched, leading many to go ahead and believe that Temp would be the final starter for the team. While Temp is the sole newcomer on the LA Thieves 2021 team starting roster, there is another change for the team.

JKap, one of the most popular and best players around, retired from competitive Call of Duty earlier this year after leaving the OpTic Gaming LA roster. He was announced around the same time as Temp’s announcement to be the new head coach for the LA Thieves team. This is a huge change for JKap that he is well-deserving of. We can’t wait to see how he brings these players he knows so well together.

LA Thieves Are Formerly Known As OpTic Gaming LA

The Los Angeles Thieves, formerly known as OpTic Gaming LA, is a fan-favorite team in the league for a reason. They did extremely well during the inaugural season of the league, stumbling quite a bit at the start and being quite inconsistent for most of the season but suddenly springing up and doing amazing at the end of the season.

They not only were able to do quite well in a couple of the final Home Series Weekend events, but they also nailed the playoffs tournament and nearly qualified for the finals. They finished as one of the top six teams, arguably No. 5, after taking out some giants along the way. They finished stronger than a vast majority of the league’s teams did, so we can’t wait to see how they do next season.

There is a chance that they could channel that energy and, hopefully, get a great start to the next season that will propel them even further than they could get this season. With the backing of 100 Thieves, one of the most impressive esports organizations these days under Nadeshot’s leadership, they have the chance to rise to be one of the best teams in the next season. Stay tuned as we still don’t know the full season for next year yet.


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