LA Guerrillas Will Start 2022 Fresh After Dropping Entire Roster

by in Call of Duty | Aug, 30th 2021

The Call of Duty League will look very different next year, especially for the Los Angeles Guerrillas. Considered one of the worst teams in the league, it is understandable that the LA Guerrillas roster will be changing when it comes to the 2022 season.

LA Guerrillas Drops Entire Roster

LA Guerrillas Academy Team Also Dropped

They quickly followed up with even more LA Guerrillas roster drop changes, announcing that they are also parting ways with Exceed, Maui, Nero, and beloved Call of Duty pro player Cheen. These four players were part of the Los Angeles Guerrillas Academy team in the Challengers division. 

The organization thanked them for their time as part of the Academy team and are proud of what they could accomplish in the 2021 season. This part is a bit interesting as they wiped the entire main roster and the Academy one as well, including some subs for the team, like Cheen. 

We could see the Guerrillas move away from hosting an Academy team in the 2022 season and focus on the main Call of Duty League roster, despite having a decent Challengers division season and doing much better there the main roster did in the big league. 

Unless, of course, they will sign a brand new set of players to the LA Guerrillas Academy team, but that is uncertain at this time. What is also completely unknown is what is going to happen with the Guerrillas moving forward in the main roster for the Call of Duty League 2022 season. 

The Guerrillas Need to Learn From Past Mistakes

This is the first time the organization has wiped their entire LA Guerrillas roster since they did not completely do that last year. Though Vivid is an amazing player, they still struggled this year. They kept Vivid around but dropped everyone else. It did not pay off in the end. 

However, they started the season decently well, or at least better than last year, but quickly got rid of Vivid in an unfortunate move. This led to them losing any progress they had made and quickly becoming the worst team in the league by far, in my opinion, while Vivid soared to greater heights on Dallas Empire

This is something that the team actively needs to decide not to replicate next year, which is likely the case because it is starting over fresh for the 2022 season. However, some problems with this are worth noting when compared to even last year’s Rostermania. 

What the Guerrillas Could Do for the 2022 Season

The great part about last year was that every single team out there either had to drop someone from the main roster or send them to the bench, which was at the very least, given the switch back to four on four matches. However, that is not the case this year. 

Even still, there are many free agents and Challengers players who are looking to make it onto a new team for the 2022 season. Some amazing players like Envoy, Crimsix, and Vivid will not be playing as part of their former teams next year. 

I think Vivid is out of the question as he probably would, understandably, not even want to rejoin, even if they offered, but there are other possibilities. The Guerrillas could do what the Minnesota Rokkr did last year and start fresh with a set of talented players that were dropped from other teams. 

It took time, but they ended the season as one of the top four teams in the entire league, which is an insane shift after being possibly the worst team last year. The Guerrillas could attempt this, too, but it would take making some huge plays and spending lots of money to get it done. 

I could also see a situation where players, like TJHaLy and others that have not been confirmed to be dropped, could join together for a makeshift roster of talented players who could grow together. They could even sign some Challengers players. 

As for the four dropped players, many of them are veterans with a strong history in the franchise and will likely find their way in the future. They could end up in the Challengers division or for one of the other several teams that have wiped their squads this year. We will have to wait and see. 


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