LA Guerrillas Announce 2022 Call of Duty League Roster

by in Call of Duty | Sep, 7th 2021

The Los Angeles Guerrillas is by far not one of the more exciting teams in the Call of Duty League, and it has been like that since almost the start of the entire 2020 season. Fortunately, it looks like a breakthrough might be coming for the team as the new LA Guerrillas 2022 roster has been announced.

New LA Guerrillas 2022 Roster Announced

Guerrillas Pick Up Some Impressive Players

The Guerrillas revealed that they had signed four impressive players. They are all talented world talent that will have a good home together. The new LA Guerrillas 2022 roster includes Slasher, Gunless, Asim, and Huke. This is an unbelievably impressive roster that looks stronger than anything that the Guerrillas have had thus far. 

For starters, we have who will most likely be the main AR for the team in Slasher. Dropped from LA Thieves recently, we knew that this star would be getting picked up by someone and fast, and that is what is happening with his new home at the other Los Angeles team. 

This is a brilliant move for the Guerrillas that saw some talent that the Thieves let go of and scooped him up at the perfect moment. Joining Slasher from the Thieves is now former world champion Huke who was most recently part of the Thieves and was signed to the other LA team, too. 

Huke had a lot of controversy and strange events that happened with and around him this year, starting with his former home at Dallas Empire, where he won the championship in 2020. Though the Thieves picked him up after getting dropped earlier this year, Huke’s time on their starting roster did not last long. 

Gunless and Asim Have a Great Chance Here

With Slasher and Huke now teaming up together on this roster, we have two world champions who two more unbelievably talented players join. Gunless is likely to be the other AR this season (depending on Vanguard’s meta goes), who has found his most impressive roster in a while. 

Gunless had trouble in the 2020 and 2021 seasons, despite the impressive results from him in the past. Towards the end of this season, though, we began to see a glimpse of that old Gunless we know and love when he, Octane, and the gang did quite well at LAN. 

With Vanguard likely to see much more LAN play in 2022 and the talented teammates he will have, this is a great chance for Gunless to return to the greatness we know him for. And then there is Asim, who is the most unfortunate situation on this lineup. 

It was unfortunate to see Slasher dropped from the Thieves, but it was not too surprising given that they most likely wanted to pick up Octane but keep Kenny on the team. However, Asim is an impressive player who kept the New York Subliners together and was the heart of that team. 

It is unfortunate to see that the Subliners will not be keeping Asim around this year. He will, instead, be going to the new LA Guerrillas 2022 roster. However, this is great news for Asim as he will likely fit in well with his new teammates as the route man who can complete their strategy. 

New LA Guerrillas 2022 Roster Is Amazing

One thing to note is that this is all pending league approval. This will be the case for almost all of these roster changes. They are hot off from the signing of the contracts, so they are quickly announced, but we do not see any reason the league would deny the changes; still worth noting, though. 

Overall, I would say that the new LA Guerrillas 2022 roster is by far the most impressive one that we have heard about from the bottom four teams that have almost wiped their rosters completely. In many ways, the Guerrillas’ new lineup looks like the Minnesota Rokkr for the 2021 season.

At the beginning of the year, I noted that they were the most exciting team since some talented players were left hanging from their respective teams. In the end, they became one of the best teams this year. There is a high chance that the Guerrillas could be that most improved team for the 2022 season. 

But, for now, we will have to wait and see as the LA Guerrillas are only the first team to announce their new lineup for the 2022 season officially. Now that contracts can be signed, we should hear much more about the other teams very soon. 


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