Krafton Is Reportedly Concerned About Battlegrounds Mobile India Being Banned

by in PUBG Mobile | May, 18th 2021

Krafton, the parent company behind the PUBG series, recently revealed that PUBG Mobile is returning to India, but under a new moniker and style with Battlegrounds Mobile India. The “new” mobile battle royale title will attempt to circumvent the original game’s ban, but it has a tough road ahead of it. 

Krafton Is Reportedly Concerned About Battlegrounds Mobile India

While it seems that the Battlegrounds Mobile India battle royale game will come to India without a problem initially, there are reports that Krafton is concerned that the country could ban the game, like the original PUBG Mobile title last year. 

These reports come from IGN India, who reportedly spoke to several content creators regarding the issue. These content creators have shed light on what Krafton is trying to do with the launch of the new PUBG Mobile spin-off to allow for its release in India. 

Krafton is concerned enough about the possibility of Battlegrounds Mobile India being banned, like PUBG Mobile. It has reportedly asked content creators not to mention PUBG Mobile when referring to the new game. This is likely to prevent any connections from happening between the two. 

Battlegrounds Mobile India will likely be published in the country through Google Play and app stores. Still, from there, it is up to the Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Electronics and IT to regulate the app and decide if it should remain available for Indians. 

Krafton Is Reportedly Reaching Out to Content Creators

There is no actual rating board that approves or rejects games before their release, so it is up to these two ministries to determine if an already released game is abiding by the rules and regulations put in place. This is why PUBG Mobile was banned in the country much after its release. 

Furthermore, rumors are stating that there should be no issues with it not being banned so long as it follows the rules outlined in terms of data and privacy, which PUBG Mobile did not meet. If this remains the case, the game should come out late next month.

But with how delicate this situation is, it seems that Krafton is trying to prevent any connections to be made between the two games by asking content creators in India not to mention them together. Otherwise, this connection could be established, and it could be banned, too. 

However, according to the report, the method of handling the situation is one that Krafton is employing with a strong fist. One content creator, in particular, noted that with “a single phone call to YouTube,” their entire channel could be taken down. 

Krafton Reportedly Has the Same Employees Working With India as Tencent Did

This was done with Tencent in the past. Even though Krafton is taking over the Battlegrounds Mobile India release to prevent issues like before, all of the employees that the content creator deals with “are the same people” as it was with Tencent.

Other sources stated that these “threats” are given to those who might share hacks and/or game exploits with the public to prevent that from happening. If this is all true, it would seem that the change from Tencent over to Krafton for the release of this title is purely in name alone to avoid another swift ban. 

It also remains to be seen how the Battlegrounds Mobile India will differ from the PUBG Mobile India game that attempted to release last year. After banning PUBG Mobile in India due to the issue of privacy and violence was mentioned as well, that new version attempted to provide some solutions. 

It included changing the blood in the game to now be a green color and ensured that underage players will now have some restrictions when trying to play the title. Though underage would have time limits for how long they can play to keep them under a set rule in place. 

Will Battlegrounds Mobile India Be Similar to PUBG Mobile?

Though PUBG Mobile India did not work out in the end, it will be interesting to see how much of that same idea is then taken from that game and put here in the new Battlegrounds Mobile India title. We expect it to be a localized version of the battle royale experience similar to that of Peacekeeper Elite in China and the others in different parts of the world. 

India is far from the only country to have rules in place that have required Krafton, formerly PUBG Corp., to create specialized versions of PUBG Mobile that are meant to abide by those rules. Ironically, we could get a game in India that is similar to that of the Chinese counterpart, even though the country had problems with the original being connected to the Chinese company Tencent in the first place. 

It would not be surprising to see that Battlegrounds Mobile India is immensely similar to the previous games in the series, just with a name change, especially since there hasn’t been a year since we had PUBG Mobile India set to release in the country. 

That is not nearly enough time for a company to suddenly develop a new mobile title from the ground up for India alone, so we wouldn’t be surprised if much of the gameplay, graphics, and style are similar to that of other PUBG Mobile versions in the world. But, for now, we will have to wait and see as Battlegrounds Mobile India still doesn’t have a set release date. 


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