Krafton Plans New PUBG Mobile Version for the 2022 Asian Games

by in PUBG Mobile | Nov, 9th 2021

A new PUBG Mobile game could be coming out soon and not for reasons we might have expected otherwise. Krafton has announced that it is creating a new version of PUBG Mobile to ensure that the mobile battle royale title can work for an upcoming event. 

New PUBG Mobile Version Being Developed

The new PUBG Mobile version will be developed to be featured in the upcoming 2022 Asian Games. This was teased previously with the Asian Games event officially revealing that there would be a new version of the mobile game that would be featured in the competition.

This is something that Krafton has now revealed in an announcement, giving us just a few details about what this new PUBG Mobile game will be like. It is being created for the main purpose of the 2022 Asian Games and is being developed mainly by Krafton, from what we can tell. 

This would be an interesting change for the mobile game since Tencent’s Chinese game conglomerate created it. That, in turn, led to issues throughout the world where countries like India and others banned PUBG Mobile from being played in its area. 

As such, it would make a lot of sense for Krafton to step in now and make its version of PUBG Mobile that would be more compliant and universal for all countries involved in the 2022 Asian Games. This is a key element that will allow for PUBG Mobile to be a part of the event. 

PUBG Mobile Has Several Different Versions Around the World

After all, there are several different versions of PUBG Mobile that currently exist in the world. There is the original PUBG Mobile game available in most countries, the slightly changed version in other countries to remove red blood and the like, and then country-specific versions. 

China has its version of PUBG Mobile, known locally as Peacekeeper Elite that is only there. It contains mostly the same gameplay and style but adjusted some to work within the laws about what content children can legally consume. 

Furthermore, India has its own game known as Battlegrounds Mobile India released this year after PUBG Mobile was banned in 2020. That version of the game is developed by Krafton solely, from what we have been told, and is essentially PUBG Mobile but adjusted some to remove the PUBG branding. 

With so many different versions of the mobile battle royale title in the world at this time, it makes sense that Krafton would like to create a universal new PUBG Mobile version that will work for the upcoming 2022 Asian Games. Next year, the teams must be able to compete using this game in Hangzhou, China next year. 

Asian Games 2022 Details

Taking place just under a year from now, in September 2022, there are 40 different categories that the teams will be competing in at the time. Of these, PUBG Mobile is one of them. The new version of the game will be used as the method for all participating teams to compete for medals and glory. 

The other games in the event include Arena of Valor (Honor of Kings in China), Dota 2, Dream Three Kingdoms 2, FIFA, Hearthstone, League of Legends, and Street Fighter V. There is a wide range of games from sports to MOBA to fighting and more included in the event. 

Given that the 2022 Asian Games are actually from the International Olympic Committee, we wonder if esports titles will become a larger part of the overall Olympic experience. It would be fascinating to see the Olympics start to include video games in the competition categories. 

At the same time, though, that would have likely made sense during the Tokyo Games this year. However, that did not happen, so it may be some time until we see games like PUBG, League of Legends, perhaps Apex Legends, and others appear in that sort of worldwide competition. 

Will the New PUBG Mobile Version Release Worldwide?

The more immediate question is, what will the new PUBG Mobile version include in it? Presumably, this is just going to be a new version of the game that is universally compliant with all countries involved in the Asian Games 2022, but will there be new features or other content in it as well? 

It also has us wondering if the new PUBG Mobile game will be coming out as a full-on game for everyone to play or if it will only be used for the upcoming Asian Games competition. If it is mostly similar to the original game, then there is a chance that it will just be used there for the event. 

If it truly is a universal game that will work everywhere, Krafton might bring it to countries like China and India, where you cannot currently play the normal version of PUBG Mobile. In the end, there is also the chance we do not even need to see this version of the game come out in other countries at this time. 

After all, PUBG will get a brand new entry in the series in just a few days with the release of PUBG New State. Krafton is creating this new mobile game. It will likely be built to be compliant in various countries around the world, offering a more standardized experience for the upcoming futuristic take on the mobile battle royale gameplay. 


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