Korean Senator Gets Involved in Griffin Case

by in General | Oct, 23rd 2019

Earlier this week, Griffin’s former coach CVmax broke his silence and explained the situation surrounding his removal from the org during Worlds and brought accusations of abuse against staff and players by team director Cho.

Part of those allegations includes a forced trade of their substitute jungler Kanavi to Chinese team JD Gaming, an allegation that has now caught the attention of Korean Senator Tae-kyung Ha.

The Senator released a statement on Facebook, noting that he conducted his Team Griffin investigation into the allegations and found them “detailed and reliable” enough so that Director Cho and Griffin parent company Still8 could be found guilty of extortion upon their return home.

Fellow senator Dong-sup Lee put forth a new bill to the Korean Senate e-Sports Athlete Standard Contract Law, which would force the country’s Minister of Culture to work with the Fair Trade Commission to create a standard contract for players, staff, and teams across the industry in South Korean to use.

The legislation also requires the Minister of Culture to, “listen to the opinions of stakeholders and experts when enacting or amending standard contracts, and the operators and esports organizations in each esports field were forced to follow the standard contracts when signing contracts with athletes.”

Still8 Gives Statement, CVmax Responds

While political machinations were moving to fix the situation, Still8 came forward on their own to give their side of the situation after investigating, revealing that Kanavi was only on loan to JD Gaming, and thus no transfer fee would be paid to the team or Director Cho.

CVmax and Kanavi, however, both refuted the statement and took to a live stream to reveal what had happened. Kanavi claimed the team had forced him to sign a five-year contract with JD Gaming, and that he was being encouraged to stay with the org so that Griffin could eventually get one.

Since Riot nullified his contract with JD Gaming over the affair, staying around would mean a full transfer to the team.

JD also came out to give their side of the story too, noting they had contacted Griffin about the loan before Kanavi and had only been able to keep him contracted for three years, with an additional two-year option at the end to extend it.

They also claimed the contract was written in Chinese and Korean to avoid any misinterpretation and appear to want to keep Kanavi on their roster if they can.

It’s a mess of a situation, made only messier when considering teams are only allowed to have one player out on loan at any given time, as one of their other players. Rather is currently on loan to the Taiwanese Flash Wolves, meaning they’re already breaking the rules just by loaning him out.

The situation is getting crazier by the day, but as always, we’ll continue to follow its development and update you all as the situation develops over the coming weeks and the Team Griffin investigation comes to a close.


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