Korean LoL Team Griffin Officially Disbands

by in League of Legends | Jan, 5th 2021

2019 was not a very good year for Griffin’s League of Legends roster, that’s for sure. The team really blew up around 2017/18. Despite all of their success, they never quite won Worlds, despite getting close several times. The loss of the man that made their team successful, head coach Kim “cvMax” Dae-ho hurt the team in a variety of ways. His departure was not without controversy though. The trials on that situation are still on-going. But this morning, January 5th, 2021, we heard the sad news: Team Griffin officially disbands their LoL roster.

A Tale of “Almost”, Followed By Tragedy

The announcement came from Team Griffin’s Twitter this morning. Thankfully, they posted in both English and Korean. We can imagine the Griffin fans are disappointed, and the team did have quite a few skilled players on board. We’re curious to see where they will wind up in 2021, as the season is ready to blow up. It’s sad to say that Team Griffin’s LoL squad disbands as of today, but it gives those stars a chance to shine again.

CvMax really brought Team Griffin to the forefront of the LCK scene when he brought the team to 7th in the 2017 Challengers Korea competition. Moving on to the LCK proper, Team Griffin was incredibly popular. They had skilled rookies that consistently made the playoffs for Worlds. Things were looking bright in 2019, but that’s when everything fell off the rails.

Around this time, Team Griffin’s Sword filed charges of physical assault by cvMax. It wasn’t just that, but his coaching style also involved a great deal of verbal abuse. This was so bad, it apparently got the attention of a Korean senator. As of December, the trial for this situation was still ongoing.

No matter what you think of cvMax, it’s pretty clear he was a key to the team’s success. It’s just a shame the way he treated members of the Team Griffin team. This was what began the downward spiral of Team Griffin. In 2020, the Spring Split was a pure disaster. They got to 10th place and never recovered from relegation. They couldn’t even succeed in Challengers Korea. All of these defeats led to Griffin not getting a spot in the LCK franchises.

When we have these two situations put together, we hate to say it but there was no way Team Griffin would get an LCK franchise spot. The cvMax case did a great deal to run Griffin’s good name into the ground. Between that, and consistent defeats, it just didn’t look good for them. Several of the aces of the team left too: Chovy and Tarzan both took off by this point. Team Griffin did have a pretty thoughtful post to say goodbye though:

“These precious moments were possible because of the love of our supportive fans. We were heartfully happy to be able to share the excitement of victory and regrets of the defeats with our fans and with the flutter of the fans waiting for our matches, Griffin grew more and m ore.

“With the dream-like time behind, the journey of Griffin LoL team has come to an end. We would like to express our endless thanks to the fans who have supported Team Griffin.”

It is sad to see that Team Griffin disbands their LoL team in such a way, but we’ll always have fond memories of those up-and-coming rookies. There were some fantastic moments in the early days of Griffin. If you have any, please feel free to drop them on social media!


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