Konami’s eFootball PES Competition to Include 10 Professional Clubs

by in General | Dec, 10th 2019

Konami is taking their eFootball PES Competition seriously! The eFootball.Pro 2019/20 season is going to include 10 professional football clubs taking part in the intense PES Competition. There’s going to be a 3v3 regular-season league for the pro players, and a series of open events as well.

The latter of these will be on PC, console, and mobile versions of eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer (eFootball PES). I don’t truthfully keep up with football/soccer, but most of my friends that do are rabid and likely very excited about this.

Big-Time Teams

Previously, the eFootball.Pro competitions included F.C Barcelona, F.C. Schalke 04, A.S. Monaco, Celtic F.C, F.C Nantes and Boavista F.C. But that’s just not enough, now is it? Now there’s Manchester United F.C., F.C. Bayern Munich, Juventus F.C. and Arsenal F.C.

In the PES Competition, the first of these 3v3 co-op matches will be played using Konami’s eFootball PES 2020. The first match day is Saturday, December 14 in Barcelona, Spain. The 10 teams will play against each other throughout nine match days of the initial Regular League phase, which will take place between December and April.

Each match will be made of two games, and each game will award three points for a victory and one to each team in case of a draw. The top six clubs of the Regular League will progress to the Knockout Stage in May to decide the season champion.

If that’s not enough to whet your appetite, Astralis Group announced that Juventus’ PES team would be in partnership with them! It sounds like dominating the CS:GO universe isn’t enough, and that Astralis is setting their sights on PES.

What makes this interesting to me, is that this is the first time that English Premier League (EPL) clubs are fielding PES teams. Manchester City, West Ham United, and the Wolverhampton Wanderers have only signed players for the FIFA’s esports scene. We recently covered the Manchester City news, since it’s for Korea. FIFA Online 4 is serious business in Korea.

Each club will field a 3-man roster for the eFootball.Pro season, so I’m curious to see who will be representing which club. Players can participate in the online tournament as well, the eFootball.Open.

eFootball.Open and More

You can also sign up for the eFootball.Open now, on their website. There’s also additional information there if you’re interested. Also, there’s the eFootball Season Program, where players pick one of the 10 clubs to play as.

This will be done in the new “match day” feature. These are special timed online matches played each week. Those who participate in these have a chance to win in-game items for the club that they choose.

This is a part of the eFootball Season Program. With this, myClub Coins, Gold and Black Ball Agents and more will be available to win, depending on points earned during Matchday. No matter what game I’m playing, I’m going to play as hard as I can to try and win. Even more, if there’s free stuff to acquire!

Bayern Munich is making waves too! They’re the most successful German soccer club in terms of sheer results in competition. They are also the most successful in terms of revenue. But that aside, this is Munich’s first time fielding an esports team, so I imagine they’ll have the capital to put together a truly ferocious force.

FIFA vs. eFootball PES

FIFA may be the biggest name in online football, but eFootball PES is perhaps their biggest competitor. The two franchises have fought over football rights for well over a decade. FIFA has possibly the largest source of clubs and players.

They control the rights of the EPL, UEFA Champions League and Bundesliga. Those leagues are unlicensed for eFootball PES. However, thanks to partnerships with Konami, certain teams are included in eFootball. Manchester United, Arsenal and Barcelona are among these.

Jonas Lygaard, Konami Digital Entertainment senior director of brand and business development, commented:

“This is an incredibly exciting moment for the future of esports and eFootball more specifically. To secure the participation of 10 of the world’s most well-known football clubs is a testament to the quality of eFootball PES 2020 and its ability to connect clubs to their fans in new and dynamic ways. With authentic squads and professional players, eFootball.Pro will be one to watch.”

On a personal level, I never really cared for certain companies holding sole rights for clubs/teams/organizations. I understand it, but I don’t agree with it. I think things would be more interesting if both companies had access to these clubs. This is mostly because I’d like to see how different companies view the various players’ stats and scores.


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