Kojima Doesn’t Like the Phrase “Director’s Cut” When Talking About Death Stranding

by in General | Jul, 13th 2021

Death Stranding is a complicated game, not in the sense of gameplay, although the game itself is pretty complicated, but more in the realm of public perception of the title. Kojima has been making waves in his career since the beginning, with Metal Gear Solid being the lovechild of the esteemed developer amongst other games he’s worked on beforehand.

However, his first original title since Metal Gear is Death Stranding, a game about connecting the country through the “chiral network,” basically the internet but with the ability to send information and physical material through to 3D print objects and tools to help the protagonist on his journey. The player takes control of someone insignificant, Sam Bridges, a delivery man who’s helping everyone when he can. This split the fans of Kojima’s titles, those used to the action and spectacle of Metal Gear were turned off by the game’s more laid back and nonviolent approach to combat. However, with the upgraded version of the game, Death Stranding: Director’s Cut, it seems like a lot of the issues some players had will be fixed. 

Changes to the Game and What Makes It Different

Many of the additions to the game make delivering packages feel more exciting. These include bringing along an autonomous friend, building ramps to jump vehicles off, and upgrading combat to make it easier to fight back and new weapons in the game. This makes the combat more in line with something like Metal Gear Solid.

However, Kojima feels as if the phrase “director’s cut” may not be the appropriate title with all these additions. 

Kojima posted his thoughts about the phrase “director’s cut” being used on his game in a Twitter thread. “A director’s cut in a movie is an additional edit to a shortened version that was either released reluctantly because the director did not have the right to edit it or because the running time had to be shortened. It is not what was cut in the game, but what was additionally produced that was included Director’s Plus? So, in my opinion, I don’t like to call “director’s cut.”

Kojima does have a point, considering that the director’s cut of a film is usually made to complete the original vision of the movie that’s being made. Consider something like the Snyder Cut of Justice League, a two-hour movie, extended by four hours, to fulfill the director’s vision of the film. Something Zack Snyder had full control over. Compare that to something like Death Stranding, a game that Kojima had started his own company for after leaving Konami, a game Kojima had full control over from the beginning. 

For the game to be called a director’s cut wouldn’t make sense since nothing stopped Kojima from fulfilling his vision of the game. Everything included in the Death Stranding: Director’s Cut is the proverbial icing on the cake. 

However, while it’s still most likely going to be called “director’s cut,” the extra content added to the 2019 game should be enough to get PS5 owners interested in the title, as it’s one of the best games of that year.


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