Knockout City Update Includes Match Screen and Refreshing Brawl Shop

by in General | Sep, 14th 2021

Knockout City has been killing it, especially with their recent content update, and while they’ve been tirelessly working day in and day out to make sure the game is functioning the way that players intend for it to be, there are still some things that players want the developers to add. Luckily, the transparency of the developers is second to none, and they’re constantly listening to player feedback about the game as they continue to work on updates for the title. With this new update they’re pushing out, they’ve included a lot of fan-requested features according to the game’s patch notes

The Additions to the Game

One of the biggest changes to Knockout City in the recent update is the match statistics screen. In other online multiplayer titles, holding a specific button, whether that is the touchpad on a PlayStation controller or tab on a computer, they’re able to open up a menu that shows the game’s stats for all players. In cod, this is the leaderboard, with the player doing the best on the top of the leaderboard for each respective team. Knockout City didn’t have a menu like that while in-game, until now. Player’s are now able to pull up the menu while playing the game, and which is going to help players figure out who’s doing the best on their team, or check the scoreboard to see how they’re doing. Since this was a highly requested feature Velan was quick to put it into the game. 

Another feature that’s been added to the game is a refreshing shop. When purchasing an item in the brawl shop, that slot would be “sold out” until the shop refreshes. However, this has changed. Now, when a player purchases something from the brawl shop, the item that they purchased will appear with another item of equal rarity. 

Some extra additions to the game also include reminders to complete the training for the game. Some players have commented to Velan that there are brawlers out there who don’t know the fundamentals of the game, and it makes it hard to win when a player doesn’t know what they’re doing. Velan had previously tried to convince the players to do the training by giving them Holobucks for completing each of the original training courses. However, some people are just too stubborn. 

Contracts that are almost complete are also shown to players when starting the game up, this allows for players to choose contracts that are nearly complete, and will give them the ability to plan their session if they’re the type of player to want to continue leveling up over time. 

PC Players will be happy to know that they’re able to change the sensitivity of target switching on the lock on. This ranges from 1 to 50. 35 is the default, but if the player chooses, they can change the sensitivity so that when they move the mouse, they’ll have an easier time snapping to another character that they’re aiming at. 

Bug Fixes

While it’s a complete game, all titles have their fair share of bugs. Luckily for Velan, this isn’t something that’s ruining the game. However, any blemish or issue in the programming side of a title can make or break the game for players. 

Some of the bigger bugs have been fixed in the game, here are some of the ones included in the notes. Players aren’t able to surpass 4400 as a skill level in the game. Another one is that they’ve modified the game to turn off inactivity timers between matches. This means that players who stop matchmaking on the scoreboard screen after a match to take a break won’t be removed for inactivity. Another interesting bug in the game was that the randomness of maps and balls in private matches included the stats for spectators as well. When deciding the randomness of the balls and maps in the game, the game will decide what has been seen the least from players on both teams, and then choose that map and ball combo. However, in private matches, this was something that ended up including the spectator’s ball and map history into the generation, causing repeats sometimes in the game. 

For player’s who frequent the Brawl shop, the price of bundles that included items the player already owned wouldn’t show the price correctly. This was only a visual bug and didn’t affect the price of the bundle. However, it also seems like those who purchased crew items in the game was also forced to restart the game before they appeared in the inventory of the player. 

Some achievements and contracts were also fixed in the game as well. A massive issue stems from the fact that players are unable to track their achievements and contracts when joining a game in progress. This has now been resolved. One of the contracts, called “Secret Technique” wasn’t tracking curve shots normally, and this would cause the player to have to perform the task in the contract more than required to complete it. One hard to acquire achievement required that the player stands on the Wrecking ball in Concussion Yard, and KO an enemy with a ball. This was something that required the player to be on the ball when the ball connected. However, this has been changed and players are now able to throw the ball on the wrecking ball, and then jump off the wrecking ball as it flies through the air. 

These are all the big changes made to Knockout City in the recent update, with the game’s superhero mode coming to a close next week, things are going to change for the season. It’s been recently announced that the game is going to have a 10th week of content before moving onto Season 3. This was intentional from the developers, seeing that they had to delay the Superpowers mode. However, this means more time for players to stock up on their extra XP from the superheroes event. With more content coming, and a new map and ball arriving in a few weeks, there’s going to be no shortage of content for players.


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