Keemstar is Retiring, And Attacks “Mob Culture” on Youtube

by in General | Oct, 27th 2021

Originally thought to be a gag or some trolling, it’s true – Daniel “Keemstar” Keem is retiring from “DramaAlert” on Youtube. Keemstar’s already banned on Youtube and has been for some time. Thanks to a loophole, he’s able to take part in DramaAlert, since he’s not the owner of the channel. According to his video “Retired”, he’s not having fun on Youtube anymore, citing mob culture, and that he’s genuinely leaving Youtube behind. What began as a simple tweet, he’s also posted the video, confirming that Keemstar is retiring.

“I’m Your Host, Killer KEEMSTAR…And I Quit.” – KEEMSTAR:

Keemstar’s attitude towards creating content on Youtube started during the Pandemic, and also cites “Cancel Culture”. It apparently became incredibly powerful, and people tried to ruin each other financially. Thanks to this, people “stopped speaking their minds”, according to Keemstar:

What happens is, when nobody speaks their mind and everyone’s a commercial, there’s not really that much entertainment. In entertainment, you need drama. Think of the Avengers without drama, think of them without a bad guy. You need some back and forth, you need some battles, you need conflict.

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of conflict, either. But when people wield their massive channels, talk about drama, and can practically weaponize that crowd against other people, some mighty huge negatives come as a result of it. When “Drama” channels use their opinions and rumors as news, it can cause problems – like what happened to TFue.

Keemstar then opened up further about his retiring, and what has made the platform no longer fun:

We’re not knit together like we used to be. And a part of the problem is we don’t have a flourishing commentary community. So you’re left with the tea channels. And the tea channels have no credibility. Caught lying, bullying, harassing YouTubers nonstop. There are so many of them that they kind of control the narrative. It’s just a giant mess of not fun.

One point he made was excellent though. Youtube does feel like it separates the creators from their followers, with constant hoops. Instead of just liking a channel, you now need to click the bell for notifications, and then you have to select the “All” button, which just adds more and more layers. Now people can’t just go to their Youtube and see what’s up. 

Keemstar’s informed his audience of when the final video will be for him – March 8th, 2022, on his 40th birthday. He’s going to find a new host, so don’t worry, fans of DramaAlert – the show will go on:

“The number one comment I get when I talk about me retiring or me leaving DramaAlert is “Just like Ray William Johnson, remember when he had someone else on his show and it died? It’s gonna be the same!” I get it. We have now until the end of March to find someone that you like. I think it’s very possible. Maybe it’s multiple people hosting, I don’t know. This show that I love so much has become kind of a prison. Everything has a start and an end. And for me, being the daily 24/7 host here on DramaAlert, that end has come,” KEEMSTAR finished. “I want to thank you guys for sticking with me for all these 14 years. Thank you for letting me keep you in the loop.

Keemstar has never been far away from controversy either. This may not change after announcing he’s retiring. There is still a ways to go until the final video. You can watch his retirement video here. The reaction, as you can probably imagine is mixed. His fans are sad that the one person who will “stand up against cancel culture” is leaving. On the other hand, people who have been attacked by his content and fanbase seem to be pretty excited about it.


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