Kayle and Morgana Join the Fray in Wild Rift Patch 2.6

by in League of Legends | Dec, 3rd 2021

Patch 2.6 has just hit Wild Rift and, needless to say, it’s quite a game-changer! A few egregious oversights have flown under the radar, though. Be that as it may, Wild Rift just keeps on getting better and is rightfully considered as the best and most polished mobile MOBA on the market.

So, what does patch 2.6 bring to the table? Well, a ton, actually: two new champions, a reworked Dr. Mundo, new ranked rewards, URF, five bans in ranked, and “explosive balance changes around the map.” Not too shabby! The fact that Riot has opted to release such a hefty patch near the very end of the ranked season will, however, create a bit of chaos.

So, if you’re climbing the ladder, make sure to read the fine print as these changes will most certainly affect your chances of emerging victorious!

Wild Rift Patch 2.6 | A Quick Breakdown

As already mentioned, Wild Rift patch 2.6 is a large, comprehensive update that will affect the game in a myriad of ways. We can’t cover it all, so we’ll instead focus on the most important bits and pieces — the kind of things you simply need to know before queuing up for a quick game!

New Champions: Kayle, the Righteous and Morgana, the Fallen are now both available to play! And, frankly, they’re both disgustingly overpowered. Morgana has one of the fastest clears in the entire game thanks to her W, whereas Kayle tends to scale beyond measure and can snowball out of control in a matter of minutes. Be that as it may if you’re a fan of these champions you probably aren’t complaining! If not, definitely make sure to ban them if you’re playing ranked as they’re in dire need of some pretty hefty nerfs — all of which will come but only after the ranked season has concluded.

The Madman of Zaun, Dr. Mundo, now looks and plays much like in regular old League. All previous owners will get his skin upgrades free of charge.

The Wild Rift champion roster is finally big enough to accommodate five champion bans per team! This has been a long time coming, and we’re elated beyond measure that it’s finally been shipped to live!

Those who are committed to the climb will be happy to know that ranked rewards have just gotten an update! Season Rewards is a brand new system that’ll track your performance in games and reward you with Season Points and Ranked Coins which you’ll then be able to spend in the Ranked Store! That’ll be your one-stop shop for stuff like recall effects, Glorious skin poses, new emotes, profile borders, and the like!

All previous Glorious skins will be obtainable through the Ranked Store.

Weekend Reward Series — If you happen to win a ranked game during the weekend, you’ll earn bonus progression points on the Season Rewards track! This bonus will end after three wins or after 48 hours, whichever happens first.

Those who reach Gold (or above) in Season 4 will be awarded with Glorious Orianna!

Ultra Rapid Fire (or URF, for short) is making its debut appearance! As always, champions will have “unlimited mana and greatly reduced cooldowns” so if you’re looking to decompress after a tough ranked game, this’ll definitely come in handy!

New Skins GaloreArcane Jinx, Arcane Vi, Blade Mistress Morgana, Corporate Mundo, Frozen Prince Mundo, Hexplorer Shyvana, Rageborn Mundo, Viridian Kayle, Mecha Kha’Zix, Mecha Rengar, Warden Jax, Crystal Rose Ezreal, Crystal Rose Jarvan IV, Crystal Rose Lux, and Crystal Rose Sona will all become available for purchase at some point this month.

Riot has also added a ton of new in-game accessories like emotes, Rift emblems and Summoner icons. Click here to check them out.

A host of new events will take place in December. Path of Justice will explore the sibling rivalry between Kayle and Morgana. Completing all missions will net you either champion for free. Ultra Rapid Bingo (December 10) will introduce players to URF and all its splendors. The Crystal Rose event will take place on December 15, and so will a special in-game mission that’ll celebrate the launch of Hextech Mayhem. Completing it will earn you a unique Ziggs icon.

Click here to check out the many champion balance changes that have just been shipped to live servers!

Banshee’s Veil, Edge of Night, Hextech Megadrive, and Ixtali Seedjar have been added to the game. Rod of Ages has been nerfed (it’ll now require 7.5 minutes to fully stack), and the same goes for the rune Font of Life whose mark duration has been decreased to three seconds (down from four). As if that wasn’t enough, Riot has also increased its cooldown: 8 seconds for melee champions (instead of 6), and 12 for ranged ones (instead of 10).

It’s fair to say that patch 2.6 will leave an indelible mark on Wild Rift and its meta — in both good ways and bad. Be that as it may, the game has never been as good and feature-rich as it is now, so if you’ve been looking for an excuse to log in and queue up, now’s as good a time as any!


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