Kaskade Debuts on Monstercat and Rocket League With New Single ‘Flip Reset’

by in Entertainment | Dec, 1st 2020

Monstercat was in the news recently with their partnership with Twitch, and now they’re back! Today, we learned that a Grammy-nominated artist, Kaskade has released a new single through Monstercat. On top of that, Kaskade is also going to be featured in Rocket League today! This track, “Flip Reset” is an awesome new track, and this is not the first time we’ve seen Monstercat work with the high-octane soccer/racing hybrid.

Flip Reset

This is well-timed, as the season flips, so to speak, as Season 2 of Rocket League has its release date revealed – December 9th! Season 2 of Rocket League is music-themed, making the partnership with Kaskade just fit perfectly. Players can look forward to a full EP from Kaskade, as a part of the multi-track deal with Monstercat. 

Kaskade himself discusses “Flip Reset” and the nostalgia that it evokes:

“As a kid who grew up on a steady diet of arcades and video games, it’s only right that I finally get to team up with Monstercat and Rocket League! Being able to create music (and get my own in-game items) exclusively for this season has stoked the kid in me that has always considered video games the ultimate threshold for cool. I hope you enjoy playing and it’s time to put those speakers to work. Turn it up!”

Kaskade & Will K - Flip Reset (Art) (1).jpg

You heard it here, then! There will also be in-game Kaskade items! So if you’re a fan of the hit electronica artist, you’ll want to keep your eyes glued to Rocket League for some awesome Kaskade content. This will come in the form of “Flip Reset” by Kaskade and WILL K (Producer) as a Player Anthem. Player Anthems are new in Season 2 of Rocket League, that lets players select the music that plays in the Arena after scoring a goal. Now that is a cool feature. It’s a great way to show off while also thumbing your nose at the opponent, without being a jerk.

Gavin Johnson, Monstercat’s Head of Gaming offers: 

“Together with Psyonix, it’s been our shared vision to develop music discovery as a key pillar of the Rocket League experience for players. Alongside Kaskade, we are thrilled to be able to showcase this through an entire Season dedicated to music.”

This partnership is a part of the ongoing relationship between Monstercat and Rocket League, who have dropped more than 90 songs for Rocket League. Over 400 million streams of these songs have been accumulated across a variety of platforms. Rocket League and Monstercat also have an awesome Spotify playlist, if you want something to hype yourself up to. Make sure you check out this track if you love electronic music and Rocket League!


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