Karmine Corp Adam Reportedly Acquired by Fnatic For Nearly $300k

by in League of Legends | May, 12th 2021

We already knew Fnatic were looking to sign Karmine Corp top laner Adam “Adam” Maanane, but we didn’t know how much they’d have to spend in order to bring him aboard. Well, the cat’s out of the bad: the former “Kings of Europe” have reportedly acquired this talented “rookie” for nearly $300,000. That, in short, is quite an obscene amount of money for a player that has yet to prove his worth on the biggest of stages.

Furthermore, it’s debatable whether Adam is truly worth that much at this point in his career; no one’s doubting his potential or inherent talent, but expectations will probably be sky high given the sheer number of Benjamin Franklins Fnatic had to splurge to get the deal done. Then again, seeing how we are at the halfway point of the season, it’s not like they had any other option worth considering.

There is a positive in all of this: such a big investment means they’ll truly give this promising French native a shot — they won’t pull an EXCEL and find a replacement in a couple of months’ time. In other words, they’ll actually give him time to grow and develop, along with proper guidance and the right infrastructure. These things are vital for young rookies to grow and evolve, but it’s a virtue only a select few organizations in the LEC possess.

A New Shade of Fnatic

With Fnatic acquiring Adam from Karmine Corp, Gabriël “Bwipo” Rau is all but guaranteed to role swap to jungle. It’s not the most hype-inducing role swap in history, but it’s not a bad one either. In any case, we’re excited to see what Bwipo will bring to the table as a jungler and how his inherent playstyle will affect Fnatic (and their chances of finding success) going forward.

All in all, this is the very definition of a win-win situation: Fnatic will get a very promising top laner in Adam, and Karmine Corp will cash in for their stellar showing at the most recent EU Masters Spring. The only question left is: will this be enough for Fnatic to once again challenge for a spot at the top? We’ll find out soon enough as the LEC returns to action on June 11!


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