Karma Rejoins OpTic Gaming But Not as a Pro Player This Time

by in Call of Duty | Feb, 12th 2021

Damon “Karma” Barlow is one of the greatest Call of Duty pro players ever to live, and he is known by many as the GOAT himself. Well, it looks like he may be returning to Call of Duty in a certain capacity but perhaps not in the way you expect, despite the sudden Karma OpTic Gaming announcement. 

Karma OpTic Gaming Return Announced

That’s right, a Karma OpTic Gaming announcement has been made as the greatest of all time is now officially returning to the esports organization that he once called home. The official OpTic Gaming Twitter account made the announcement in which the perfect person was picked to reveal it.

The owner and founder of OpTic Gaming himself, Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez, posted a video on Twitter that revealed this information. The video was a clip from the full presentation that OpTic held this week, given that it was about to be going into its first round of matches in the Call of Duty League. 

Randomly in the OpTic Chicago Call of Duty League team presentation, H3CZ revealed that he could say welcome back to Karma and that it would be a done deal just like that. And lo and behold, that is what happened as Karma returns to the place he once called home. 

H3CZ even noted that this sort of crazy decision and sudden announcement is the type of stuff that the new and improved OpTic Gaming is going to be like now that he is back at the helm of things after recently reacquiring the organization that he founded. 

Karma Will Be a Content Creator for OpTic

Returning after being away from a fair length of time, the Karma OpTic Gaming announcement is not for what you might think it is. Though he is a former world champion on an almost unheard level, the GOAT will not be playing for the OpTic Chicago team or anything like that.

Instead, Karma will be filling a much different role at the renowned esports organization. However, he will be very much involved in the Call of Duty esports scene in a couple of different ways. Karma will have two different roles as he rejoins OpTic this year. 

First and foremost, he will be a content creator for the OpTic Gaming brand, which he has already been doing for some time. As we have noted in the past in our best-of lists, Karma is one of the content creators that you should be watching if you love everything Call of Duty. 

After retiring last year towards the end of the Call of Duty League’s inaugural season, he turned to content creation as other former pro players have done recently. He found some success and will now be doing it on behalf of OpTic Gaming, but that is not all.

He Will Also Be an Analyst for OpTic Chicago

As a three-time world champion in the Call of Duty business, he is someone with a level of expertise and experience that is quite unlike anything other former pro players can offer. As such, it would be a waste not to utilize that talent in some way, even if he isn’t competing. 

Fortunately, OpTic knows that and will be using Karma as an analyst for the OpTic Chicago team. There, he will assist the coach and other staff members for the team in making sure that Chicago is at its peak this season, which it will need if it wants to take down both Dallas Empire and Atlanta FaZe, the two teams that it couldn’t topple in the end last year. 

This is a very surprising and welcome announcement as Karma and OpTic Gaming go together just perfectly. After all, you could say that this is where he had the peak and bulk of his career in the Call of Duty competitive scene, where he was with the team from 2014-2019. 

During that time, he was able to win the single championship that OpTic had in its history in 2017. For Karma, though, that was far from his first win as he had already won twice before in 2013 and 2014. He was the first three-time world champion in all of Call of Duty, and few can even match what he has done to date. 

Karma Could Help OpTic Chicago Rise Even Higher

But his time with OpTic came to an end last year in the 2020 season when he joined the Seattle Surge, which was poised to be one of the best in the entire league with him and other talented players on board. In reality, they were potentially the worst team in the entire league in its first season.

As such, it was tragic but ultimately unsurprising that Karma retired formally from the entire Call of Duty competitive scene before the season was even over. But he noted that even though he wouldn’t play competitively anymore, he would still possibly come back to the franchise somehow.

That has now happened with this Karma OpTic Gaming announcement where he will be a contributing factor to the new and improved OpTic Chicago team during the 2021 season. We wouldn’t be surprised if we see him leading a team of his own one day as the head coach. 

Until then, OpTic Chicago will likely benefit greatly from his support as they head into the upcoming 2021 season that is about to get started. It has already begun with the first week of matches in stage one already underway. Chicago’s first two matches are this weekend and include battling against Paris Legion later today and their rivals Atlanta FaZe this Sunday, where they will need as much help as possible. 


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