Kaiser Signs Two-Year Contract Extension With MAD Lions

by in League of Legends | Sep, 7th 2021

Norman “Kaiser” Kaiser, one of the best supports in Europe and current (two-time) LEC champion, has decided to extend his contract with MAD Lions for another two years, as per Pablo Suárez. This, in short, should really come as no surprise. Kaiser has grown and developed beyond belief under the MAD Lions banner, so there’s really no reason to move elsewhere — whether that be Europe or North America.

As the old saying goes: if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

Moreover, he has played an integral part in MAD’s success. To say that he’s been exceptional and hugely impactful would truly be an understatement. His positioning is pristine and so is his teamfighting. There’s really nothing to fault him for, least of all for his mind-blowing flanks and ability to “read the map” with astounding precision. Whenever someone talks about the “next breed of LEC talent,” Kaiser is the kind of player that immediately comes to mind.

And, frankly, his best days are yet to come. He’s already trading blows with the best teams in the world, and if he keeps playing this darn well (and adds a few more titles to his name), there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that he could go down in history as one of the best Western supports of all time.

A lofty goal, no doubt, but it’s definitely within the realm of possibility.

A New Status Quo Is Finally Here

Kaiser has had a monsterous season this year (credit Riot Games)

The fact that MAD Lions have won two LEC titles in a row makes one thing very clear: they’re the real deal. It was neither a flash in the pan nor a brief moment of brilliance. Instead, they were simply better than all of their peers — by quite a wide margin, too. They’re amazing, in short, and are playing with the utmost zest and fervor. They’re also perhaps a bit too unhinged, but they make it work more often than not. Heck, maybe that’s precisely one of their biggest strengths at this point in time.

In any case, if their performance at this year’s Mid-Season Invitational is anything to go by, the MAD Lions are all but guaranteed to trade heavy blows with the many LPL and LCK giants who have already booked their tickets for Worlds.

All in all, we should be in for quite a show!


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