K0nfig Discusses How Complexity Is Doing After oBo’s Exit

by in CS:GO | Nov, 3rd 2020

In September, Complexity’s Owen “oBo” Schlatter departed the squad and left the team without a skilled rifler to hold the spot. They didn’t have to wait too long, as the team picked up Jks from 100 Thieves once the org said they were getting out of CSGO as a whole. It’s not easy to pick up and carry on after a teammate is replaced, especially not in CSGO. However, k0nfig spoke to Dextero about how replacing oBo with Jks has gone so far.

While oBo leaving Complexity completely out of nowhere might seem like a shock, you have to consider how the world is going around us. With how difficult it could be to fly home to see family, especially in an emergency, we were not too surprised to see oBo depart.

Jks Fits Perfectly With Complexity

Jks fits perfectly onto the Complexity team, according to k0nfig – maybe even better than oBo did in the first place. K0nfig said to Dextero: “He’s took a lot of oBo’s roles. . .” Jks does bring a ton of experience in the CSGO scene. He’s taken first place in a host of minor events and even second place at DreamHack Open Winter 2016 with the Renegades.

However, despite Jks filling in for oBo nicely, one of the looming problems is that he’s still new to Complexity. We also heard more of what k0nfig had to say: “It’s, of course, harder for us to play with a new player in the team,” and also said Complexity “are a really good team, even though we don’t have oBo anymore.”

This hasn’t been the best start, with Complexity dropping out of the Blast Premier at seventh-ninth place thanks to Team Vitality. This is just the start of their work with Jks. This is not an indictment on his play, but it just means they’ll have to scrim and practice together even harder. Complexity is, after all, an all-star team. With any adjustment to a roster, new strategies and synergy have to be built. This isn’t an exception in CSGO.

Complexity does have some of the world’s best players, but Team Vitality’s up there too. There’s no shame in being bested by them. However, k0nfig seems to have pretty high hopes for the future of Complexity’s CSGO team, even after the departure of oBo and the arrival of Jks.

Things might be rough now, but give Complexity some time. They’ll be back up to fighting shape in no time, ready to take on the world and show off why exactly k0nfig, Jks, and the rest of the team are among the elite of the CSGO world for any country or league. They’ll be back on top in no time; we’re willing to bet.


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