Juliaaab Claims Twitch Gave Hype Train Award to the Wrong Person In Recent Controversy

by in General | Jan, 25th 2021

Hype Train is a feature on Twitch, often derided as Scam Train. This feature has the streamer set a threshold for bits and subs to be donated to the channel. Once that goal is met, the Hype Train starts. The chat has to keep donating bits and subs to fill the next bar of the Hype Train, helping it gain levels. Felix “xQc” Lengyel was given the award for the biggest Hype Train on Twitch. However, German streamer Juliaaab claims she had a larger Hype Train, creating quite a controversy.

Hype Trains Are Silly

Hype Train feels like a way to get people throwing money at your stream and nothing else. It does allow new emotes to be unlocked the farther you go with your Hype Train, but that’s about it. We aren’t knocking people’s ability to make money on a stream, but a Hype Train award feels silly. This award went to xQc, with his viewers getting over 2,000% on a Hype Train. Juliaaab, though a much smaller streamer, courts controversy by claiming her Twitch Hype Train was higher still.

In a recent Tweet, Juliaaab claimed she had a Hype Train more than 21,000% back in November 2020. If accurate, this does create quite a bit of controversy, with Twitch offering preferential treatment/awards to their bigger creators. Juliaaab has 42k followers as of present. 

Juliaaab tweeted about how this is “classic Twitch”: “Do not get me wrong. This is not about squeezing myself into first place with my elbows! I am sure that many other streamers have at least as strong a community and in the end, the well-known names appear again without any breakdown.”

The Variety streamer also posted an image of her Twitch recap that showed “21,436” as her Hype Train number. There doesn’t appear to be a lot of transparency going on here. Is xQc’s (or any other streamer) Hype Train more important because it’s a more significant community? We aren’t throwing shade on xQc, either. He was declared the winner and had nothing to do with the decision. It’s not clear what difficulty level Juliaaab used for her Hype Train (Easy, Medium, Hard, Super Hard, Insane). 

If xQc’s was a higher (or much higher) difficulty and got as far as he did with one, that could be why. But the lack of transparency created this Twitch controversy for Juliaaab and others. Twitch has a long history of being biased, which is unfortunate. One of the things going around lately is big-name streamers that created their accounts before they were 13 years old (BenyFreshy/Tommyinnit, for example). They continue to have huge followings and have not been banned. Other content creators have not been so lucky. While there may be actual reasons behind xQc winning, there are other streamers with higher actual percentages. Twitch has been receiving quite a bit of flack over the last few months, and this particular controversy with Juliaaab is just part of it. 


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