Juked.GG Becomes DreamHack’s Official Streaming Portal

by in General | Feb, 19th 2020

Today, we learned that the esports startup Juked will be hosting the official streaming portal for DreamHack Anaheim’s exhibition this weekend. That’s right, all the tournament streams, updates, VODs, and more won’t be on Twitch! They’ll be on Juked.GG!

That is as much a surprise to me as it is to everyone I’ve mentioned it to. We take for granted nowadays that Twitch is the king. There are Mixer and Caffeine, YouTube and Facebook, but Twitch has the most viewers and reach (except maybe YouTube).

Is This Permanent?

That’s a really good question.

DreamHack Anaheim is the first DreamHack to be held on the west coast of the United States, so this strikes us again as a pretty serious decision. It would be easy to be on Twitch but Juked.GG is new and up-and-coming.

There will be nine tournaments, with over $500,000 on the line at DreamHack Anaheim, though. The highest of these tournaments will be $250,000 and $100,000, respectively. CS GO and Magic: The Gathering Arena is the big money matches this time.

Ben Goldhaber, Juked’s co-founder, spoke about this move. “The model to follow, all at once, so many different games and competitions in the fields of sports matches our view as Juked to T. It’s a celebration of sports culture itself, more than a regular esports tournament.”

I think this is an interesting choice. It’s not a bunch of re-streamers or anything like that. It’s an all-in-one destination where you can see any of the tournaments and important content in one place. They don’t have to worry about giving anyone game too much or too little in the way of streaming space because it’s all covered at once.

DreamHack is a celebration of the esports community. Juked.GG might be new, but I like the DreamHack partnership. It is my sincere hope that it succeeds and pulls in thousands (if not millions) of viewers. Every live stream, event schedule, bracket, VOD, will be in one place. Anything you want to see at DreamHack Anaheim seems like it will be right there at Juked.GG, and that’s awesome!

No more grumbling because your favorite game isn’t on the stream because it’s there! You won’t find it on Twitch, which is fine. Lord forbid someone else comes along with their streaming idea. Let’s try and be positive and see what Juked brings to Anaheim!

So if you’re a DreamHack fan, make sure you go to this link to check out all the action for DreamHack Anaheim!


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