Juju Smith Schuster Reveals Plans for Call of Duty, Fortnite Roster for Team Diverge

by in General | Oct, 16th 2020

Juju Smith-Schuster, best known as an NFL professional, has made a splash the last few years in gaming as well, appearing in collaborations with Ninja, Drake, and others, along with growing his own YouTube channel to over a million subscribers. Now, he’s launching his own gaming brand, Team Diverge, that has ambitions to cross over the athletic and gaming worlds with a mixture of influencers from both. 

Esports Talk had the chance to sit down with Schuster to talk about these ambitious goals, and whether they will be fielding any rosters across esports titles. 

Schuster Talks About the Goals for Team Diverge

Dustin Steiner, Esports Talk: You’ve shown a clear love for gaming and the gaming community overall. What got you into gaming in the first place? 

JuJu Smith Schuster, Founder, Team Diverge: I’ve been gaming since I was a kid, and it just became something I loved as I grew up, all the way from some of the first Call of Duty’s. I began using it as a way to stay connected to friends and family when I moved to Pittsburgh when I got drafted. It’s been a big way for me to just stay connected with everyone since then. I’ve grown close friends with people through just gaming, it’s really an amazing way to connect with people.

Steiner: You made huge waves in the industry when you joined FaZe Clan. What led you to choose FaZe at the time over other esports teams and what is your current status with them now that you’ve launched your own team?

Schuster: FaZe and I just came together at the right time when I was starting out. Still have so much love for them and I’m definitely going to keep jumping in their tournaments and creating content with all my friends over there. They’ll always be a part of my family.

How have you balanced streaming and gaming alongside your NFL lifestyle?

Schuster: Football always comes first, it’s just my spare time where I game. When I’m not studying football or working out, taking care of my body, I’m either spending time with my dog Boujee or gaming with my friends.”

Can you share any details on Team Diverge’s plans for the future? Do you have any specific goals for the organization?

Schuster: We definitely are going to be bringing in all different kinds of people who love gaming into the organization. We’re trying to create a family, a squad, a team of people that love gaming together, making content together, just being one team that we can identify as.

As Team Diverge grows, is there any specific esports the organization is looking to make its mark in?

Schuster: Definitely Call of Duty and Fortnite competitions, we want to be represented in big tournaments there.

With the clear level of passion and dedication JuJu is bringing to the table, we anticipate a groundswell of interest when it comes to getting involved with Team Diverge. What is Team Diverge looking for as the organization works to build out its roster of talent and pro players?

Schuster: Pure love for gaming! We’re all about being authentic. I live and breathe this stuff. I’m looking for any celebrity, any gamer, any normal person out there, anyone who loves gaming and grinds and has fun with it, we want to be with those people.

What makes Team Diverge truly special in comparison to other gaming teams?

Schuster: We just want to be a crossover group of gamers and celebrities who just purely love gaming. That’s what we’re all about. A lot of org’s add guys just for the clout. We’re all about who is passionate about gaming like I am, who wants to build something together and be a part of a family.


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