Jinx Comes to Fortnite Ahead of Arcane Netflix Show

by in Fortnite | Nov, 4th 2021

League of Legends is now invading Fortnite battle royale for the first time, introducing one of the most popular characters from the MOBA title. The Jinx Fortnite skin is now here, offering players the chance to play as the League of Legends character, just in time for a certain show to come out. 

Jinx Fortnite Skin Announced for Season 8

While League of Legends has been around for years, we are just now receiving one of the playable characters from the massively large roster in Fortnite with this new Jinx Fortnite skin. The timing of this is impeccable and purposeful, happening for a very particular reason. 

As you may already know, the new Arcane League of Legends Netflix animated series is coming out this weekend for Netflix subscribers worldwide to watch. This particular crossover skin is here to build up the hype around that show and celebrate the launch of the Arcane series. 

Jinx is the iconic character who has been chosen not just to lead the upcoming Arcane series revolving around League of Legends and her story but also as the first LoL character in Fortnite. The fan-favorite gun-toting, the blue-haired powerhouse, is going to be coming very soon. 

With the launch of the Netflix series beginning on November 6, 2021, which is just a couple of days away, Fortnite is teasing that show with the arrival of the Jinx Fortnite skin just before then. Here’s what you need to know about when and how to unlock this new Fortnite crossover skin. 

Jinx Skin Launches Just in Time for the Arcane Show

The Jinx Fortnite skin will launch exclusively in the item shop for Fortnite Season 8 later today, on Thursday, November 4, 2021. In just a few short hours, players will have the opportunity to check her out in the item shop, where you will be able to pick her up if you’d like to. 

The time for the launch of the Jinx Fortnite skin is set for around 5 p.m. PT when the usual item shop refresh happens for the day, bringing in some new and old items for players to purchase and cycling out the items that were available in the item shop from the previous day. 

When the new Jinx Fortnite skin arrives in the item shop, it will not be alone as players will find several themed items around the popular League of Legends hero. For starters, there is the interesting fact that you will not be getting the default Jinx skin when you purchase her in the shop. 

Instead, you will get the special Arcane Jinx Fortnite outfit modeled after her specific look in the upcoming Arcane Netflix animated series. You will have the option to purchase this skin separately in the shop or choose to pick it up in a bundle with other items. 

Other Themed Items Available in the Item Shop

Other items will be available in the item shop in Fortnite for a limited time only, as part of the Arcane League of Legends Set. Players will also be able to get the Jinx Dream Monkey back bling for some nice style, plus the Pow Pow Crusher pickaxe item themed around her. 

Last but not least, you will get the Playground (Instrumental) Lobby track from the Arcane original soundtrack set. You will be able to buy all four of these items separately in the item shop, which is great for players only looking for one or two, but a bundle is also offered. 

The Arcane Jinx bundle will include all four of those items alongside three other items that will seemingly not be offered elsewhere. You will get the aforementioned Jinx-themed items, plus the Jinxed spray, Wreaking Havoc loading screen, and the Katchoo! loading screen. 

Epic Games announced the latest arrival in the “Gaming Legends” series in Fortnite. This is a moniker that we have not heard of before from Epic, so this may be the official name for whenever other video games cross over into Fortnite. 

League of Legends Is Now Available Through the Epic Games Store

With the Gaming Legends series established now, it joins the Icon series that brings real-world icons into Fortnite, indicating that we will be getting more Gaming Legends soon. In the meantime, while we wait for more crossovers, Jinx is at least here. 

Jinx will stick around for a limited time, so we recommend picking her up in the item shop while you still can. Presumably, she will be available at least until the Netflix animated series drops on November 6, but perhaps longer than that, so players should take advantage while they can. 

Outside of Fortnite, Epic announces that League of Legends is coming to a new platform with this announcement. You can now download League of Legends through the Epic Games Store and start playing the game there. 

This does not take away from the game still being available in the usual places that players have already downloaded it from, but it adds a new option if you would like to download it there and support both Riot Games and Epic Games. By the time you are reading this, you should be able to download League of Legends in the Epic Games Store and also, very soon, pick up Jinx in Fortnite through the item shop for a limited time only. 


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