Jikishi Grooming Accusations Lead to Kick From Dream Minecraft Server

by in General | Oct, 26th 2021

Jikishi, also known as Demetrius has had grooming accusations aimed at them on Twitter from several sources over the last day or two. This led to Dream dropping the streamer from a private server, taking the grooming accusations Jikishi is accused of seriously. According to the accusations, Jikishi has been grooming underage fans over the past several years. Some of these fans were allegedly as young as 12, and up to 14 and 15. As of right now, Rikishi has not made an official response to the allegations made against them. What are the Jikishi grooming accusations?

“I Trusted Him Like Family” – Valkcy on Jikishi

It sounds like Jikishi was talking to several underage girls at once, according to these grooming accusations. Not all of these people wish to openly report their own stories, which is understandable. One Twitter user posted a story under anonymity for another person. According to this user, the Discord user was 13 when Jikishi began sending them messages. Jikishi was always there when this person needed to talk about what stressed them out but slowly began to talk about visiting this person.

According to Twitlonger, Jikishi convinced them to send compromising photos, and after that, they stopped talking. Later, the anonymous allegations say they learned that Jikishi was an adult and realized he was probably doing this to quite a few other people at once. It’s not uncommon for a groomer to make the target feel close and friendly before doing things like this.

Valkcy opened up about her experiences with Jikishi as well, talking about the grooming accusations. Valkcy’s Twitlonger also comes with screenshots. The two began talking when the girl was 13 and said she trusted him like family. The two had a close friendship, and out of nowhere, it sounds like things became sexual.

According to Chaoticjayden, “He made sexual comments about me and my body, made jokes, and talked about sex in detail all the time.”

The relationship quickly turned sexual, and at the time, the girl was 14 and Jikishi was 19. This was when she began editing his stream highlights and began dating again. This, like the other Twitlongers, can be incredibly uncomfortable to read. Jikishi was incredibly pushy with her, which is a pattern in the other grooming allegations as well. In all of these cases, the girls were pushed beyond their comfort zone and were harassed at a young age. Chaoticjayden talked about this in her statement:

“After a while I expressed to him again that I was extremely uncomfortable and that it wasn’t normal for someone who was just strictly my friend to act this way towards me. I told him many many times that we were JUST FRIENDS and absolutely nothing else. He would stop for a week and then continue harassing me and begging me for nudes and other things again. No matter how many times I told him I was uncomfortable and wanted him to stop he didn’t.”

Dropped From Dream Server

These grooming allegations led to Dream kicking Jikishi from the private SMP, which. According to Dream’s DreamSecretClub Twitter account, Jikishi confirmed the allegations to Dream personally. Despite confirming the allegations to Dream, no official response was made. Dream did not even hesitate at all to boot him from the private community. The Twitch streamer has 37K followers on the streaming platform.

In all of these situations, Jikishi finds the girls while they’re incredibly young, and evidently enjoy Minecraft. Or at the very least, are just active on Discord. They become close, he becomes a part of their lives, and wind up pushing sexual thoughts onto them over and over. He was also very keen to meet these girls, despite how young they were. All of the girls talked about how he was their best friend, and so they tried to ignore how forward he was with them.

JIkishi has yet to make any formal response to these allegations as of this writing, but we will update you if this story should develop.


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