Jett Nerfed in Patch 3.06 After 100% Pick Rate at Valorant Masters Berlin

by in Valorant | Sep, 22nd 2021

Jett’s dominance at Valorant Masters Berlin was plain to see, and her 100% pick rate spoke volumes for her strength as an agent. Players from all over the world had their fair share of Jett players destroy with the Operator dash combo and shut down the opposing entry fragger every round. Meanwhile, there’s a player like heat who has a 100% pick rate on Jett across his entire competitive career. It’s clear she needed a nerf, but, obviously, Riot doesn’t want to nerf the Agent into being unplayable. Yesterday, in Valorant patch 3.06, a new round of nerfs to Jett was revealed.

One and Done

Jett’s ultimate has long been a fantastic option for clutching rounds. She can gamble on landing every shot and forgo buying a weapon for the round, while she can also pop her ultimate for close-range fights and aggressive play if she has an Operator in hand. So, Riot chose to target her ultimate in the big nerf Jett got on Valorant patch 3.06. The changes are as follows:


Cloudburst (C): Charges reduced 3 > 2

Bladestorm (X): Right-click/Alt. Fire kills no longer recharge Jett’s Kunai

Bladestorm damage nerf reverted, damage and multipliers will mirror left-click kunai

VALORANT Agents: Jett, a Duelist from South Korea
Will Jett’s nerfs be enough to reign her in?

The change to Jett’s ultimate makes her much more skill-based than before. If you want those resets, you have to land those left-clicks. Cloudburst being nerfed also makes Jett less of a jack of all trades role-wise, and reduces her control over crucial choke points. As for the damage revert on Bladestorm, this goes all the way back to a nerf from patch 1.09:

Blade Storm daggers thrown in Burst now have a damage falloff that begins at 12 meters and drops steadily (to 35 damage) at max falloff

Blade Storm headshot multiplier on Burst Fire reduced from 3x > 2x

With this damage nerf to Jett reverted, the trade-off is that her right-click will be a much more consistent 1-hit kill in Valorant patch 3.06. It’s a huge nerf overall, but removing the damage falloff and making headshots a guaranteed 1-hit will make Jett’s right-click a reliable panic button at almost any range. Community reception here is mixed, but, seeing as Jett still has the ability to Op-dash and entry frag, these nerfs shouldn’t kill Jett’s viability in pro or comp play.

Hold the Line

Jett wasn’t the only Agent changed in patch 3.06. Skye got some nerfs to her flash and ultimate, while KAY/0 got some huge buffs to both his flash and ultimate.


Guiding Light (E):

Unequip time after casting or bending Guiding Light’s projectile increased .5 > .75

Windup time after activation before flash goes off increased .25 > .3

Seekers (X): Cost increased 6 > 7


FLASH/drive (E):

Duration of windup telegraph reduced .5 > .3

Duration of windup telegraph on right-click reduced 1 > .3

The audio attached to the in-flight projectile has been removed

NULL/cmd (X): Does not stop pulsing after being downed

The Skye nerfs seem to be pointed at her ability to use her E selfishly, as a way to peek corners and outplay the opponent. Riot seems to be steering her in a direction where she should be focusing on helping her team and setting up for them rather than using her utility in a 1v1.

As for KAY/O, these buffs make him a much more reliable entry fragger. The flash windup being reduced allows KAY/O to fill the role Skye just got nerfed out of, and his flash is in line with that of someone like Phoenix. Also, if KAY/O goes down in the middle of the enemy team with his ult, he’ll be a problem they have to deal with now that he’ll continue to pulse. Hopefully, these buffs will give him a higher play rate moving forward.

Additionally, Riot have chosen to make a number of crates on certain bomb sites non-permeable in order to make defending the spike a bit easier. Going into patch 3.06, just know that only the crates with a green pattern on them can be wallbanged. For a list of changed bomb sites, you can find the full 3.06 patch notes here.


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