Jericho Discusses Sexual Assault Allegations

by in General | Jun, 23rd 2020

The #SpeakingOut movement seemingly began with the Independent British Wrestling scene. Men and women were both coming out about wrestlers that sexually assaulted or abused them emotionally. More and more people are coming out with their allegations. The gaming/streaming space is not safe. One of these streamers is Jericho. Jericho is a Twitch/YouTube streamer, and he says both him and a friend were both victims of sexual assault.

This story is both awful because the guilty party will be coming out with their own story of being sexually assaulted. Some people ask, “Why do these people wait so long to come out with their stories?” The answer is very simple. People who come out with accusations of sexual assault are often humiliated, harassed, and threatened, especially if the accused is popular. Once someone has spoken up, it helps those who were victims feel safer in telling their own stories.

It Can Happen to Anyone

When Jericho discussed the sexual assault, he said it has happened on multiple occasions, and it is something that happens to both men and women. As someone who has been assaulted more than once, it’s true, you know.

Sexual assault is a crime that, in (unfortunately) many cases, the victim becomes the victimizer. This is Jericho’s case. He points out that just because he was assaulted, it doesn’t mean the person who did it wasn’t themselves a victim.

“The hardest thing that I have to come to the realization is that just because I have personal issues with either somebody coming forward or people that have come forward, people who I have personal problems with them systematically lying or people that I have problems with actually groping me, doesn’t mean that they didn’t receive that treatment themselves,” Jericho said. “It doesn’t negate their experiences just because they may be somebody I don’t like or somebody that has committed the same things.”

So many women have come out with their stories through the hashtag #SpeakingOut. Many are alleging sexual assault and emotional abuse. Twitch claims they take this seriously, and we can only hope this is the case.

“We take accusations of sexual harassment and misconduct extremely seriously. We are actively looking into the accounts concerning streamers affiliated with Twitch and will work with law enforcement where applicable,” he said. “We’re thankful for the bravery shown by those who have come forward to speak about their experiences, and we are committed to working to make the streaming community safer for everyone.”

I would like to believe this statement from Twitch. But it has also come out that Emmett Shear, CEO of Twitch, spoke about partners using their platforms to abuse women at an All Hands meeting. According to this, he chuckled and said, “wow, the things that go on on our platform, can’t really comment,” and swiftly moved on, according to Starling. This was a year ago. It seems like Twitch has known, and has not cared to do anything about it until now.

While Twitch has made a statement, we’ll be looking at their actions, not their words. We hear the victims, and we believe them. Some changes need to be made in so many places. All we can do is hear the victims and see that justice is done.


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