Jeff Kaplan Teases Overwatch 2 Beta Release

by in Overwatch | Feb, 24th 2021

During BlizzCon, we got many details about the future of Overwatch 2 but still no release date. With the news that Overwatch is essentially a dead game, we have nothing new or exciting to tide us over until the next iteration comes to life. In a recent video, Jeff Kaplan, Overwatch’s game director, talked about the possibility of a closed beta. He seems optimistic about it, but nothing concrete has been offered yet.

Optimistic, But Not Confirmed

We’ll have to wait for an internal alpha to go through before we get any Overwatch 2 beta release news, but that makes sense. That’s how things work. He gives no concrete details but continues to tease us with possibilities. “What’s most likely going to happen… we’ve already been having internal milestones, where those have been extended playtests and have involved people outside of just our team playing the game.”

But what about an actual Overwatch 2 beta release for us to get our hands-on. He feels it’s very likely that a closed beta is possible and one that’s more in the public eye. Many people seem to forget the purpose of a closed/open beta. It’s not just about playing the game early. The main idea is that the players can help find balance issues, bugs, and gameplay problems. Your dev team and QA group can only do so much. Having regular people (and pros) go at it too, you can broaden the scope of development.

Sadly, the Overwatch 2 beta release isn’t confirmed. It’s not 100% that we’re going to get one, but I wouldn’t be shocked—simply letting people see gameplay won’t be enough to sell them on it. Sure, it’s a Blizzard game, and many will buy in just on the name value alone. We haven’t had much information on Overwatch 2, but that seems like it will be changing. We’re hoping for way more in development news, information, and details on the heroes. 

Hopefully, more than just “characters with beards have longer beards” because that doesn’t say very much. Pretty much all Blizzard games have some beta test or another, so we aren’t going to suggest this won’t follow that trend. We don’t have any solid lead on when that will happen, which is the sad part. 

While Jeff Kaplan didn’t confirm one way or another if there will be a beta release for Overwatch 2, we’re going to bet on the fact that there will be. It’s speculation, but hopefully, we’ll get some further details in the next few months. 


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