Jarvis Returns to Fortnite Gets Banned Immediately – But Was It Real?

by in Entertainment | Sep, 14th 2020

Update: Jarvis has now confirmed that this was all a work. He uploaded a video this morning to Youtube confirming it was all a hoax. At this point, we can only wonder what Epic Games will do in response.

What a weird story we’re bringing to you today! Back on September 11th, 2020, FaZe Jarvis announced he’d return to Fortnite, despite being banned a year ago. He’s not magically been unbanned, but Jarvis did everything he could to try and pull a fast one on Epic Games. That’s what’s so odd about this. The stream was publicly announced on Twitter, so it’s not like Epic wouldn’t know. The response was of course, an avalanche of hype and excitement from his followers.

But was this just a work*? Could this have just been a ploy to set up something for a YouTube video or something else? Initially, Jarvis was banned on Fortnite for openly using cheats/hacks, so returns like this are a pretty shocking thing to see.

*”Work” is a wrestling term for a staged event.

Something Banned This Way Comes

Supposedly, Jarvis had another account ready to go, and was hiding his username during the stream. This was to hopefully hide his identity. It went down about how you would expect: Jarvis returns to Fortnite, and is almost immediately banned. Right after he went live, his account was banned by Epic. It’s like calling someone and telling them you’re going to break into their house, and then being shocked when they stop you. 

FaZe Jarvis confirmed the new ban on Twitter, but something about this feels wrong. Why would someone deliberately go out of their way to defy and poke such a huge, billionaire bear? Some are saying it’s just a publicity stunt or fodder for a YouTube video. It’s been pointed out that Jarvis had a cameraman ready for when/if something happened in-game (like the ban). 



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