Japan’s First Esports Gym Could Be a Big First Step for Gamers

by in General | May, 4th 2021

Japan introduces its first Esports Gym in Tokyo so that players can get training from professional gamers. Whether you’re an up-and-coming pro, or an amateur trying to get good at a fighting game or shooter, this is going to be the place for you – if you live in Tokyo, that is. Hopefully, this is a trend that catches on. It sounds at first like it’s just another gaming lounge. I’ve spent many hours practicing Ultra Street Fighter IV in gaming lounges in my day, but there’s a difference. The prices feel far more reasonable just to rent some time there, but you can also spend a bit more and get professional coaching.

In-Person, Offline, Online Coaching Available:

Japan’s Esports Gym, titled “Esports Gym” is a project between “Gecipe”, an esports education company, and the private transit company “Tokyo Metro”. All styles of gamer, at any skill level, can come here and work on their games. Here’s how it works. Gamers reserve a three-hour time slot, for 13 USD. You can also get a 50 USD monthly membership. This lets you come in daily to access to the gaming PCs. At Japan’s Esports Gym, you can also get professional coaching for 25 dollars an hour. 

If you’re interested in coaching in VALORANT, Rainbow Six Siege, League of Legends, or Identity V, here’s your chance, for those in Tokyo. Now, we’re curious if non-Japanese residents can get online tutoring for the 25 USD from the pros on offer. The Esports Gym uses Glory Be Esports and Crest Gaming for tutoring sessions in Japan. 

Is this the first gaming/esports lab? Of course not. Singapore already has an Esports Gym courtesy of NEO.™, and it has a live streaming area, gaming area, and a lounge to organize events in. South Korean Esports Org T1 also built a space last year to serve a similar purpose. So Esports Gyms aren’t new, but they are new to Japan.

That sounds pretty awesome. Right now, The Esports Gym sounds fairly barebones, and we’re curious to see if streaming or other things will be held there. Another curiosity is that they have no fighting game presence there. This is interesting because of the sheer level of fighting game skill that exists in Japan. Should this business model become successful, we hope that more games get offered. This could also be a great move if esports are ever offered in the Olympics.

A partnership could be formed to help train the best of the best in Japan. Either way, it’s an awesome thing to see esports become more mainstream.

Arcades are very much a part of gaming culture in Japan, especially for fighting games. In a way, this is similar, since you still have to pay to play. Perhaps this is the next generation of arcades, but with a very professional spin, focused on growth. We’ll just have to see how it goes from here.


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