Jankos Supposedly Looking to Sign for an LCS Team Next Year

by in League of Legends | Feb, 16th 2021

During the latest episode of The Crackdown, G2 alumnus and mid lane legend Luka “Perkz” Perković dropped quite an interesting bombshell — Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski is supposedly looking to sign for an LCS team for the 2022 competitive season. If you’ve ever tuned in to his streams, however, you’re probably not surprised all that much. 

His career has been quite a fascinating ride. He’s one of the best junglers the West has ever produced and has been competing on the biggest stages for what feels like an eternity. Of course, most fans mainly recognize him for his exceptional play under G2’s banner, but he was every inch a superstar back during his Team ROCCAT and H2K days as well. After all, that’s when his “First Blood King” moniker first came into existence. 

However, over the years, his unrelenting aggression became more nuanced, which inevitably made him a lot more consistent. He still knew how to kick things into overdrive and throw caution out the window, but it was his constant ability to maintain composure and influence the map that gave G2 an edge no matter the odds. Much like his exceptional teammates, he grew and matured like fine wine, with each new season being better than the last. At the “ripe old age” of 25, he’s not exactly a spring chicken by competitive League standards, but you’d never be able to tell based on his performance. He’s persevered through many wild meta shifts and has maintained his position amongst the LEC pantheon without ever skipping a beat. 

And now, with Martin “Rekkles” Larsson aboard as well, Jankos will have his best shot yet at winning Worlds. The odds are still stacked against him, of course, but the point stands nonetheless. If he fails in 2021 — which would be his third failed attempt in a row under G2’s banner — then it might as well be time for him to look for success (or financial gain) elsewhere. This G2 Esports consists of the most talented and revered players Europe ever fostered, not to mention the most successful. They have all the right tools to leave a mark in the grand scheme of things, but they’ll face an uphill battle regardless of their talent. KIA DWG (formerly known as DAMWON Gaming) and many LPL titans are the favorites almost by default, which puts G2 in the position of an underdog — and rightfully so. Talented though they are, they always lacked that extra bit of something necessary to take down the best Asian teams around (at least when it mattered most). 

A Well-Deserved Change

Jankos’ supposed wish to move over to North America doesn’t necessarily have to signal an end to his competitive drive, even though many will indeed characterize it as such. Playing in Berlin, Germany for so many years must’ve gotten a bit stale. And if he fails to win Worlds with G2, he might as well test the waters over in NA. After all, what does he have to lose? The financial aspect of it would certainly sweeten the deal, but it almost surely isn’t the main driving force behind his decision. 

In any case, it’ll be interesting to see what this seasoned Polish jungler does next! 


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