Jake Returns to Overwatch League, Joins Houston Outlaws

by in Overwatch | Jan, 22nd 2021

We haven’t had a lot of good news these days in the world of esports. Thankfully, that changes today. Fan favorite and long-time caster of the Overwatch League Jacob “Jake” Lyon returns and is joining the Houston Outlaws. In 2019, Jake retired, and we figured that was the end of his career. It doesn’t sound like he’s going to be on the starting lineup, but he’ll offer his expertise as a long-time player and a bench for the team. 

“Once an Outlaw, always an Outlaw, right?” said the Houston Outlaws on Twitter. This is news to be excited about. The Overwatch world’s legend is back to bring sick plays and hopefully great victory to the Outlaws.

Confirmed Via TwitLonger

Not every TwitLonger is negative, it seems. Jake took to TwitLonger to confirm the fact that he returns to the Houston Outlaws this year. He retired a bit over a year ago. It sounds like the break from the competition was needed to help him recharge and help himself. 

After talking about the changes he’s made to his life, Jake said this: “That’s why I feel both ready and really excited to take this next step in my career. Although I’m returning as a rostered player, my real focus this season is going to be on coaching and helping the entire team be the best we can be. I’m glad to be back with old friends as well as fresh talent. I think together we can deliver a season far better than any in Outlaws history.”

Part of what likely led to his retirement is fan reaction to his play. Esports fans aren’t always kind, even to their favorites. Being criticized for not being as good as other Tracer players can lead to a negative mental game and can certainly affect your in-game performance. With this time away from playing competitively, Jake returns and joins the Houston Outlaws again. 

He brings quite a lot to the Outlaws. He’s flexible and can do just about anything. He’s a skilled, long-time player and has had time as a caster too. Watching other high-level players as a caster/analyst can help you in-game. You spend months watching patterns and strategies of other players and can bring that to the table. He’s a veteran of the game and will no doubt have useful advice to the other Outlaws. In addition to being a player, it sounds like he’s also coaching the Houston Outlaws when he [Jake] returns. 

We’re very excited to see this news come up. There’s no telling what will come of this with the Overwatch League 2021 format, and we’ve got some time yet to see. But it cannot help but be good news for the Outlaws. His experience and knowledge will no doubt be a boon to the Houston-based Overwatch team. We are very excited for the 2021 season.


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