Jackson Wang Invests in Esports Organization Victory Five

by in League of Legends | Sep, 8th 2020

Esports is attracting everyone to invest in it, these days. Today’s news finds famed rapper, dancer and singer Jackson Wang investing into esports. In particular, Jackson Wang has invested in a Macao esports org, Victory Five. Which we have to say, is a really cool name. It kind of sounds like an anime or sentai team name, if we can be honest. 

Originally known for his time with Got7, Jackson Wang has had an incredible solo career and has spent time as a television host. Perhaps Esports Mogul is next on his list?

Behold, Victory Five!

Victory Five announced their partnership with Team Holding on September 7th, during the partnership ceremony. Team Holding is a company that is owned by Jackson Wang, through which he invested in the Victory Five esports team. This deal was revealed during the organization’s opening ceremony for their home stadium.

Victory Five have moved their headquarters to Shenzhen, according to LPL, and also revealed another partnership: one with Shenzhen Media Group. Victory Five in particular are a part of the Chinese League of Legends scene, the LPL. This summer split, they took fifth place, which is no small feat with how intense the competition is in China. It’s also important to note that they compete in PUBG.

We’ve seen a lot of music acts and celebrities invest in esports lately. We can only hope these artists do more than just invest money and wait to see a payoff. If artists like Jackson Wang really use their platforms to bring attention to esports, it could be a really positive thing for the scene. We need to get more people watching. A million people aren’t enough! More celebrities investing in esports could do a lot for making esports feel mainstream and important instead of feeling like something just nerds watch on Twitch.

We’ve talked about this quite a lot lately here on Esports Talk. In particular, Logic and Pusha-T coming on board with Chaos EC. It sounds like esports is definitely becoming the trendy thing for celebrities who love gaming to invest in. Perhaps that’s better than bigwigs from the NFL and NBA, who only see it as a way to make more money for themselves. We’d rather see people investing who genuinely love esports, and want to make it a global phenomenon.


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