Jack-O Is Joining Guilty Gear Strive As The Next DLC Fighter

by in Fighting Game News | Aug, 16th 2021

A fan-favorite is returning to Guilty Gear Strive, and it’s Jack-O’ Valentine! Though she looks human, she’s an artificial life form, and was created by That Man as a synthesis of Aria Hale, also known as the Gear “Justice”. One of my personal favorite characters, she looks like she will be an absolute blast to play. A powerful artificial human, she’s infused with the personality of the consciousness of Sol Badguy’s former love interest. That sounds like a very Guilty Gear/Blaz Blue thing to happen. A tangled web of stories comes from Guilty Gear, and we expect nothing less. But what can we expect her to arrive?

Put On The Mask

Jack-O’ currently works as a Bounty Hunter with Sol Badguy, and there’s no way this could possibly go awry. Aria’s soul was completely revived, but the consciousness of Aria is dormant within the body of Jack-O’ in Guilty Gear Strive. There’s no way this could backfire and have dire consequences for Sol Badguy. Jack-O’ has incredible power and is knowledgeable in both magic and technology. She’s still seen in the skintight one-piece bodysuit, and black Jack O’ Lantern mask. Of course, she also still looks to have her iron pumpkin flail, which is an awesome weapon, let’s be honest.

So when can we play as Jack-O’ in Guilty Gear Strive? You won’t have to wait very long. Season Pass 1 holders can unlock and play as Jack-O’ on August 27th, and she unlocks for everyone else on August 30th. In addition, a new color pack will be added for select characters. A few of us here are genuinely excited to see Jack-O’, and she was one of the first characters I personally tried in Guilty Gear Xrd. She had incredible footsies and automatic meter management. Hopefully, she still has annoying minions to help pressure opponents and create opportunities for combos.


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