IShowSpeed Gets a Twitch Permaban for “Sexual Coercion or Intimidation” in Adin Ross Stream

by in General | Dec, 15th 2021

IShowSpeed is a YouTuber with a huge 3 million followers, but he recently caught a permaban on Twitch. He doesn’t stream on Twitch, but now he can’t return to the platform to be on other programs, like the Adin Ross e-date stream he was a part of. During that stream, he had a sexist outburst, and it is alleged he threatened to assault Ash Kash during the e-date sexually. That said, he’s still got a huge following, but that doesn’t forgive the outburst he dropped during a stream. 

“Who [is] Gonna Stop Me? You’re Not Stopping Me” – IShowSpeed

Adin Ross’ stream had the influencer Ash Kash paired with IShowSpeed, and in a clip, things spiraled out of control incredibly quickly. In this clip, IShowSpeed asked Ash Kash if they were the last two people on Earth, would she reproduce with him to keep the species alive. Ash Kash quickly said no, because that meant their kids would have to reproduce, their kids, and so on. IShowSpeed didn’t take this well, and that’s where the outburst began. 

“Who [is] gonna stop me? You’re not stopping me.” 

Even though Adin Ross stepped in to handle the situation, and Ash Kash took the outburst as well as can be expected, Twitch swiftly gave IShowSpeed a permaban for this. It is under “Sexual Coercion or Intimidation” and can only be lifted on appeal. The Twitch Guidelines strictly prohibit “sexual assault and molestation, or content that encourages or promotes it.”

It isn’t hard to see why he was permabanned for the outburst. Threats or hints about sexual assault are serious and should be taken that way, not as a joke. It doesn’t seem like IShowSpeed is even upset about it, only tweeting an image of the ban, with the word “bye.” He goes on an incredibly angry rant about Ash Kash, and ultimately IShowSpeed has a permaban on Twitch. This isn’t the first time he has been on the Adin Ross e-date stream either. His YouTube channel is still up. It doesn’t seem like YouTube has taken any action. We’ll keep you up to date as this story develops.


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