Is Valorant’s Knife Finally Up For Buffs in Episode 2?

by in Valorant | Feb, 25th 2021

Is Valorant going to finally give the knife a buff? It sounds like it could be on the way! Because let’s be honest – the knife is awful. It’s pretty much the weakest tool in the whole of Valorant. However, there’s some talk going about that Episode 2 of Valorant could have the thing we’ve all been waiting for – a Knife Buff in Valorant!

One Reason: To Go Fast

That’s it! You can run faster with the knife, and that’s it. In other shooters, you get a bonus for using it or even times when the knife was an instant kill! So there’s no real reason for the knife at all unless you’re trying to get into position fast. Then you swap to the actual weapon you want to use.

But on February 24th’s ASK VALORANT Blog, one of the two questions that were asked was, “When are devs going to make knife hit detection system more accurate? Escalation revealed some of its shortcomings.” It sounds like Riot at least is aware of the problem:

“Our knife is a bit of a meme right now. It’s serving the purpose of either psychological-driven kills on unaware opponents or a last resort when out of ammo—but it’s rarely a decent (or reliable) choice to use in any other situation.”

This comes from Nicholas Smith, Weapons Designer, and Kyle Leach, Modes Designer & Engineer. They’re aware that the hitbox for the knife is awful. It’s unintuitive, static, and only active for a tiny period of time. But it’s not something that’s meant to be a reliable, usable weapon in their combat system. If that’s the case, why even have it in the first place? It’s your last-ditch effort when you’re out of ammo, perhaps.

There’s confusion with it, because the visual implies the knife does damage during the entire slash motion, and this is apparently not true. But here’s what the devs have to say about the knife:

“These are things we’d like to improve, but other weapon balance issues generally take priority over this work because the knife isn’t intended to be a critical part of our combat model. We don’t think it should ever be the best choice in a fight, but we would like to make it feel better to use by improving its reliability and hit satisfaction, as well as allowing it to be a viable (but not necessary) weapon choice in some situations.”

They wanted to go over the knife during Escalation, but there was just no time. However, the hope for the devs is that they can come back to it in the future, and give it the work it truly deserves. They don’t know what that would be yet. Players probably aren’t asking (not every player anyway) for it to be a one-hit murder machine. But it would be nice for every weapon to actually feel viable in some shape or form. If you have a weapon that doesn’t work as intended, it needs to be looked at. So it sounds like potentially good news for knife fans. Hopefully, this goes down in Episode 2, but we’ll just have to keep our eyes peeled.


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