Is Valorant Getting a Mobile Release?

by in Valorant | Oct, 20th 2020

As of right now, there’s no word or even a hint about a console version of Valorant. However, thanks to some digging and data mining, we have a new question. That question is, “Is Valorant getting a mobile release?” That answer may wind up being a resounding “Yes,” thanks to some findings by Valorant’s data miners. This may not lead to a Valorant mobile launch, but Riot Games could be considering it very well. So, what was found?

Do Data Miners Give False Hope?

In the latest data mining content by ValorantExpress, they claim Valorant’s mobile release is presently being worked on. The latest data mining found device profiles for both the iPhoneX and iPhoneXS in the 1.09 patch notes. ValorantExpress aren’t the only people who found something interesting.

ValorantLeaks also reportedly found combat coding. Could this mean a mobile port of Valorant could be coming soon? It’s certainly possible. A companion app wouldn’t need combat coding; that would be a way to watch the game and that’s it—a glorified Twitch. Now, there’s no word about Android yet, but there’s a good reason for that.

iOS devices all use roughly the same code. It’s much easier to develop for iOS, so many developers work on iOS first and Android later. There are so many operating systems for Android, and it feels like every Android phone is different. This certainly makes sense. We know Riot Games is keen on mobile gaming. Just look at League of Legends Wild Rift, for example.

The current Riot Games CEO, Nicolo Laurent, talked about 5G and what it means for gaming in a recent Tweet. 5G would mean they could “bring games on mobile we would never have considered before” like Valorant.

Sure, Valorant’s console port is being worked on, but there’s still no actual word. There’s also word of mobile port files conflicting with PC files on laptops with touchscreen capabilities. This causes a mobile UI to appear on the laptop monitor. Riot Boo, a software engineer, replied in a way that makes us think it’s a known bug on their end.

All this leads us to believe that the Valorant mobile port is on the way. Would it work well? We think there’s certainly a possibility in it. Valorant’s a fun game and the newest FPS on the block. This could be a great way to try and horn in on the market that Call of Duty Mobile is dominating. Between Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG Mobile, there aren’t many big-time shooters on mobile with esports possibilities right now. It’s not too late for Riot Games to get in there. But what do you think?


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