Is Valkyrae Quitting Streaming? According To Her, No

by in Entertainment | May, 4th 2021

Yesterday, we asked the question if Valkyrae is actually quitting streaming. It sounds like that the quote was taken a bit out of context. Though yes, she will be pivoting more into business and investing, she made it clear that she’s a lifelong gamer. Valkyrae has no plans on quitting streaming, so fans of the most-watched female streamer don’t have to worry about her suddenly disappearing off of the internet. 

Relief From The Valkyrae Fans:

Back on April 27th, it sounded like Valkyrae was hinting that she was quitting streaming, but that just wasn’t the case. She did explain that the trolls and hate she receives online is pretty overwhelming, which comes from her being such a major public figure. The answer to this question didn’t come from Valkyrae’s main Twitter account, but from her secondary. 

One of the things Valkyrae has gone on record saying is that being “safe” makes her happy. The constant harassment and flaming from anonymous internet people has to be frustrating, and lead to a feeling of helplessness/frustration. On Valkyrae’s secondary Twitter account, she had this to say:

BTW when I said I planned to ‘pivot out of streaming to do business/investing’ I didn’t mean entirely!! As long as there are games and my friends want to play with me, I’ll always stream it. I’ve been gamin my whole life why would I ever stop!

She then goes on to say that she should probably say this on her main Twitter account, confused about articles of her quitting. It certainly sounds like the negative parts of being internet famous are taking their toll on Valkyrae, but it’s good news to hear that she’s not going to be quitting streaming anytime soon, if at all. It’s unfortunate to see someone who just wants to put out entertaining content get harassed in such a fashion. She’s talked about that before as well:

[This life] is so exposing, and people ⁠— especially on social media ⁠— are always looking for the worst in you. They want to find something bad about you and actually use it against you. It’s just scary, really scary.

Valkyrae has seen quite a lot of success over the past year or so, and she’s just getting started. It’s got to be a relief for fans of the streamer to know she’s not going anywhere. 


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