Is FaZe Clan’s Niko Heading Over to Play On G2 Esports?

by in CS:GO | Sep, 18th 2020

The word on the street right now is that G2 Esports is interested in signing FaZe Clan’s Niko! Niko is one of FaZe Clan’s brightest CSGO stars, and a huge name in esports just in general. This is according to HLTV, who broke the story. Could this be the smartest move for Niko? Honestly, we’re of the mind that it would be huge for the Bosnian superstar. It’s no secret that Niko is incredible, and shifting to G2 from FaZe would mean he could focus on the game and less on being a leader. 

That’s not to say Niko’s a bad leader, mind. But being able to focus his skills on where they’re the greatest (the gameplay), he could bring untold power to the G2 esports team. G2 already has a sound leader under Nemanja “nexa” Isaković, so Niko would just return to dunking fools with his incredible talent in CSGO.

Big Money Moves, Courtesy of Niko

It cost FaZe Clan 500,000 dollars, reportedly, to pick up Niko from mousesports back in 2017, and Niko has been with them ever since. This deal is rumored to be a permanent trade as well, and will likely be for an absolutely massive amount of money. Why would FaZe want to make less off of Niko than they paid to recruit him, after all? If this is true, G2 could be building an all-star CSGO team with Niko on board. 

The question is though, who could G2 Esports replace on the team? HLTV suggests it could be François “⁠AmaNEk⁠” Delaunay, who has the lowest average rating on the squad. Doing this would also give G2 a true international squad.

When would this go down? It seems like it could happen as soon as the next few weeks, according to HLTV. It also wouldn’t surprise as, as the FaZe Clan CSGO team has not been putting their best work forward this year. They’ve only one out of eight series since replacing Bymas with Kjaerbye. That is not a good look. Perhaps FaZe Clan blames Niko’s leadership on the failure? Perhaps. It was definitely a rough year for their squad, but Niko is undeniably talented in the game.

The fact of the matter is, FaZe’s CSGO team has suffered, and if they could make some (or more) of their money back in a trade with G2, Niko and everyone else involved would be better off. Not to mention, Niko would be teamed up with his cousin, Nemanja “⁠huNter-⁠” Kovač. Nobody is talking about the deal, but it’s all just rumor and innuendo right now. 

Is the rumor true? Would this create a possibly unstoppable G2 CSGO team? We’d love to know what you think the future holds for Niko, G2, and FaZe Clan!


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