Is FAU G Going to Be India’s PUBG Mobile Replacement?

by in General | Sep, 9th 2020

As it so happens, we discussed this on the Esports Rewind! If you want to hear what Jake and Xan have to say, we’ve got you covered. Conveniently, it has the proper timestamp ready to go. It seems like the controversy around PUBG Mobile will never truly end. Today we’re discussing NCore’s upcoming multiplayer shooter, FAU G (Fearless and United: Guards). This game is under development by a Bollywood actor named Akshay Kumar. However, the question has been asked, if FAU:G is going to be a replacement for PUBG Mobile in India?

The short answer is: no, of course not. Don’t be daft. Don’t worry, we’ll get into it.

A Sisyphean Task

A Sisyphean Task is an impossible task that can never truly be completed. Sisyphus was condemned to roll a boulder up a hill for eternity in Hades. If he could manage to push it to the top, he was free. But it would never stay. Don’t say you never learn anything from esports websites. Ncore has the same chance of replacing PUBG Mobile in India with FAU G!

There isn’t even a trailer for FAU G yet coming out of India! The trailers that are on the Internet are not official. So, there’s no official trailer, no footage, so what makes the Internet think this could be the next PUBG Mobile? Well, it’s going to launch on mobile, and it will have a team-based multiplayer mode! So there’s that!

We’ve also heard that it will not have a Battle Royale mode at launch. The Quint recently spoke to the FAU G team about the upcoming game. Vishal Gondal of NCore had this to say about not having a Battle Royale mode at launch:

“So, the simple answer is that the game will have both modes. But we are not going to launch everything together. Much like other games, we will first launch and update, we will see the feedback, we will see how the monetisation is working, how the customers are reacting. Live ops is not about launching and deciding to launch all the 500 features on one day. There will be something launched on day one. But then our plan is to iterate but if you ask me, what will the game be like in six to 12 months after launch? It will certainly be both modes.”

What do they mean by “500 features”? Is that 500 modes? Or are we talking about weapons being features? Or walking/jumping? That’s a very bold claim coming out of NCore. We do know that it will have a mode starring Galwan Valley. Galwan Valley is the focal point of a military standoff in 1963, between China and India. That’s pretty topical, given the current geopolitical climate for them. However, this is not a PVP mode. Gondal believes nobody would want to take the side of the enemies here. Call of Duty has had players control German soldiers in World War II in PVP, so we think it probably would have been fine.

Okay, so no Battle Royale at launch (possibly ever?). Will it have awesome guns? Well, due to a bilateral agreement between India and China in 1996, the Galwan Valley mode will not have any guns. No guns are allowed in combat in that region of the world. So with that in mind, FAU G is going to launch as a third-person brawler. A third-person brawler, no guns, and no Battle Royale. We can say this for sure: This is not a PUBG Mobile clone. So will FAU G replace PUBG Mobile in India as the mobile game? 

Absolutely not. Also, consider PUBG Corp’s recent move to replace Tencent as the developer in India. We’re willing to bet PUBG Corp will find a way to get the game unbanned, and once more, PUBG Mobile will dominate the nation of India as the biggest, most popular online game. Do we want FAU:G to succeed? Of course, we do. We want it to be a smash hit, and to prove us and everyone wrong. 

If Vin Diesel couldn’t outpace Need for Speed, and the Avengers can’t save Action Games, what chance does NCore have with FAU G? What do you think though? Let us know!


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