Is eUnited Planning a Merger With OpTic Gaming?

by in General | May, 6th 2021

According to rumors, we could see eUnited and OpTic Gaming entering into a merger in the near future. It sounds like, according to the source that revealed the news, that Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez wishes to depart NRG and secure ownership of OpTic Chicago. This would require some new financial backing and partners. Perhaps that could be eUnited, as documents have shown the brand is interested in merging with OpTic. This could be a huge moment, as we’d see eUnited, OpTic Chicago, and OpTic Gaming all under the same mighty esports banner.

A Powerhouse Move

This would be a unique move for sure. According to sources of Dexerto, eUnited suggested a merger to bring the three entities together, helping OpTic grow by merging all of their forces into one. It’s uncertain if this merger will actually go down though. The way this sounds like it would work is that eUnited would be the behind-the-scenes people, controlling the office operations and provide support to H3CZ and OpTic. This makes us wonder if the eUnited teams would just become OpTic teams.

Right now, eUnited is in the Gears of War, Valorant, and Rocket League alongside also having content creators. That isn’t a huge amount of people that would join up with OpTic Gaming if the eUnited merger took place. Nobody is really speaking about this right now, but if it’s true, a eUnited Optic Gaming merger would interesting. It’s being said that the state of OpTic Chicago is a bit shaky, and if H3CZ is looking to part with NRG and bring OpTic Chicago with him, that would be a powerhouse move on his part.

This merger would bring things we’ve seen before in esports, but with the potential talent under one banner, it would be a fairly unique move. They would focus on esports competition (leagues and collegiate), content creation, commerce (subscription services, gambling, merch drops), and fan engagement.

While we don’t know for sure if this is really going to go down, it’s a very interesting bit of news. There’s no telling who would join up with H3CZ to finance this adventure, and if NRG would even let OpTIc Chicago go. Either way, it would certainly shake up the esports landscape.


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