Is Bloodx Racist – Fortnite Pro Under Investigation

By Isaac Chandler

July 9, 2019


bloodx racist

The Fortnite community always has some child-like drama going on on Twitter, with players picking petty fights against each other, but this one is rather surprising. Because it left fans wondering: “is Bloodx racist?”

Bloodx, a European player for org E11, is facing allegations of racism after messages from him on Discord surfaced containing racial slurs.

The controversy started Wednesday when Issa, a player from Ghost Gaming often accused of taking advantage of aim assist on consoles, posted a video on Twitter showing his skills with aim assist disabled after discussion in the community over whether console players can be considered legitimately good with the feature disabled.

The post quickly devolved into a heated argument with several other pros, including Fnatic Pr0vokd, leading to a rather scolding comment from Bloodx arguing Issa should stay off social media to work on his mental health. Issa responded asking Blood to get out of his thread and posting a picture of a discord message sent by Blood, in which the European is seen using a racial slur.

Issa quickly followed up the image with a post stating, “just for clarification, I only posted that pic cause its Bloodx, he’s one of the fakest [people] in the [community] and used so many people for his own intentions.” He followed up from there mentioning that he had even more proof of his allegations against Blood, and was in contact with “people” to provide this evidence.

Many took this to mean TheFortniteGuy, who shortly after began tweeting about the controversy, including a rebuttal from Bloodx in which he pleaded his innocence and desire to, “help and guide the younger generation of players in the community.” Bloodx also released a statement on his own Twitter in which he mentions he’d never made the comments alleged by Issa, and that as the father of a daughter of color he couldn’t possibly be.

The post from Blood only served to draw more backlash to the besieged player, with many calling out his lack of physical evidence beyond his word on the matter, and his persistent usage in the post of “colored people”, a term often seen itself as racist.

Since the revelations came to light, Blood’s org E11 has quickly opened an investigation into the allegations, noting they were, “very unsettling and do not align with the values of our organization.”

We’ll keep you updated as the situation develops.


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