iOS 14 Update Can Delete Fortnite From Your Device

by in Fortnite | Sep, 24th 2020

Almost every year there is one thing that you can count on as part of the overall Apple ecosystem on mobile: a new iOS update. The latest iOS 14 update has dropped for iPhone, iPad, and so on but there are some problems with it that Fortnite players should watch out for.

New iOS 14 Update Can Stop You From Playing Fortnite

Epic Games posted on Twitter about the iOS 14 update and how the new upgrade for Apple devices can actually hurt players who play Fortnite on there. Well, hurt their chances of playing on there even more than what’s already happened between Epic and Apple. 

Watch Out for the Temporary Removal Message

Doing so can cause the device to remove certain apps, including Fortnite, in order to have the space to install this new massive update. It is possible that this message is given when you are trying to install the update and you don’t have enough memory space to actually fully download it. 

As such, the device has to temporarily get rid of some space in order to have enough to install the iOS 14 update. This normally wouldn’t be an issue as the system itself could reinstall the app for you or you could manually do it in the App Store but there is a huge problem with this for Fortnite. 

If you select to continue with the temporary removals, it could delete Fortnite from your device and that would spell the end of your time playing battle royale on that iPhone or iPad from now on. Because of the ongoing battle between Epic and Apple, you can’t redownload the app. 

Even if you do already own Fortnite, you are no longer able to redownload it from the App Store and have it on your device again. If it is ever deleted from your iPhone or iPad, it is deleted from there for good until something changes in the legal battle, which who knows how long that will take. 

Solution for Getting Around This Issue

But what if you really want to have the latest iOS 14 update on your device? Fortunately, it does look like there is a solution for this. For starters, there are some of you who won’t even get that message and if you don’t, you should be able to install the system update with no issues. 

However, if you do get the message, cancel the update install and then go to the settings on your device. From there, you want to head to general, then iPhone (iPad, etc) storage. According to Epic Games, there is an actual solution for this where you can update and still keep your Fortnite app. 

All you need to do is clear up some space in your storage until there is enough room that the update doesn’t ask you to remove apps temporarily anymore. If you go back and keep seeing the message, then that means that you need to delete some more apps or media from your device. 

We highly recommend just deleting apps and games from your device other than Fortnite that you can easily redownload on there after the update completes with no issue. Once you have done this, simply install the new update and enjoy having the most up to date Apple experience available. 

This Message Doesn’t Seem to Be Part of the Epic Games and Apple Battle

As far as we know, this iOS 14 message has nothing actually to do with the legal battle between Epic Games and Apple that began last month. When Epic attempted to circumvent the App Store and allow players to purchase V-Bucks through the game only at a discounted price, it opened an entire can of worms. 

Since then, the game has been removed from the App Store completely and you can no longer redownload it even though you could for a little bit. Players are still able to play the game on iOS and MacOS devices but they are stuck playing the same battle royale experience from season 3. 

While others are in the middle of season 4 right now with superheroes and everything, the iOS players are stuck still in the Aquaman-themed season. It will continue to be this way until something changes. However, it is possible that iOS players will eventually lose the ability to play battle royale. 

Recently, the latest update for Fortnite broke the old version of Save the World that Mac players were using since Apple cut off Epic’s ability to provide updates even on there. Because of that, you are no longer able to play Save the World on Mac but you can still play battle royale.

It is possible, though, that a future update could do the same for battle royale and then it will be unavailable on that platform unless you employ some of the solutions that we have provided in a previous guide here


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