Invictus Gaming Threatens Legal Action Due to TheShy Transfer Rumors

by in General | Nov, 25th 2019

Chinese esports organization Invictus Gaming has been in the news regarding rumors about the transfer of Kang “TheShy” Seung-lok. It’s one thing to discuss gossip, but apparently, IG thinks these rumors are significantly worse.

They are treating it as though this rumor is an insult or a slanderous mark against TheShy’s name, who is by all accounts, professional and 100% behind Invictus Gaming. The creator of “The Shy Combo” for Riven has had some words bandied about him, and IG sure doesn’t appreciate it.

A Company Man

TheShy, according to Invictus Gaming, is still very much contracted to the team. InvenGlobal pointed out that the biggest reason TheShy joined Invictus Gaming in the first place was his love of the team. This is from Invictus Gaming’s official statement on Weibo.

TheShy pointed that out in a statement on the transfer rumors, as well as that he has not asked for a higher salary in the two years with the team. The official statement also reads:

“Everyone knows how professional TheShy is, so we will be taking legal action to those that personally attack the player and spread rumors about him. All official news during the FA season will be coming from the team directly, so we ask the people to not believe in such nonsensical rumors.”

I don’t care for rumor-mongering. Invictus is open about the status of their players, as I’ve seen on their Weibo. A post on November 22 pointed out that Yu “JackeyLove” Wen-Bo’s contract expired. Though they are a free agent, there is still communication. They hoped to renew the contract but also respect the choices of the players.

Gossip, Gossip, Everywhere

This is the first time I’ve read the news that an esports organization is threatening legal action against rumors about their player. In a way, I understand them being upset. It could hurt the team’s stock if a major player is leaving out of nowhere. Whether it’s factual or not is irrelevant.

These rumors began at the beginning of the Free Agent season, post-Worlds 2019. Until you hear an official word from the people involved, take these with a grain of salt.

I can’t blame teams for wanting to sign on TheShy. Even if his team’s performance suffered, TheShy continues to be a top playmaker, as well as a top laner in the LCK. Invictus Gaming pointed out that TheShy has made no intentions to leave. As of now, TheShy will be part of Invictus Gaming for the 2020 Season and beyond.

It’s clear that TheShy loves Invictus Gaming and they’re taking care of him. As one of the top players in the LCK in my estimation, let the man be. If he’s going to leave a team, I’m sure it will be broken when the time is right. Could other teams be spreading rumors, in hopes it will harm TheShy’s rep with his team? Shady, but possible. That’s all speculation, though.


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