Internal CDProjekt Red Videos Showcase Cyberpunk 2077 Bugs, and a Scrapped 3rd Person Mode

by in General | Jun, 8th 2021

It’s normal for developers to put their games through rigorous quality assurance during the time before the game’s eventual release. However, it seems like CDPR might have skipped that step in releasing Cyberpunk 2077, which seemingly could not live up to the hype created during the game’s announcement in 2012, with fans waiting upwards of eight years for it. The game suffered multiple delays, with CDPR’s signature yellow background being turned into an internet meme, as the color along signified another delay.

When the game eventually launched, many fans who had been waiting years to get their hands on the game were sorely disappointed with the way the game turned out, as it was littered with issues, bugs, and more. The game was unplayable on the PS4 and Xbox One, with many fans asking for refunds. By then, CDPR went into damage control mode, issuing refunds for the title. Other companies like GameStop, Xbox, and PlayStation partook in refunds as well, with GameStop issuing full refunds for open box copies of the game even though it went against company policy. PlayStation took the title off their online store and haven’t reinstated it since. Xbox left a heavy disclaimer on its store page as well.

Bugs and Cut Content Galore

The game suffered heavily due to the massive problems with what was considered the most anticipated game in 2020. However, a leak from inside CDPR showcased a bunch of glitches and scrapped content for the title.

Where the leak comes from is up for debate, but the leak was saved to the hard drives of many and has been spread throughout both Reddit and 4Chan. The videos consist of a montage of glitches from the games pre-alpha builds and onward throughout the years.

A Common Practice in the Industry

While some of the video’s clips are infuriating due to the state that CDPR’s title was in, the videos are anything but malicious. The video’s purpose is to bring to light the progress made from the pre-alpha versions of the game to how the game was at its final product. Developing something for so long makes one feel like they’ve made no progress at all, and videos like this put the project’s path into perspective, showing just how far the development team had come to make it to the end of the project. This video showcase was done beforehand, with God of War in 2018, with a three-minute video showcasing many of the bugs and glitches which QA testers and developers found during the development of the critically acclaimed title. The only difference between God of War and Cyberpunk 2077 was that the former was extremely polished and lacked all the glitches that were in that showcase, whereas the latter was still littered with many of the bugs seen in its videos upon release.

While fans point to this video that is a glorified version of bloopers for videogames, the reasoning behind the disappointment of Cyberpunk 2077 is completely justified, as the game’s launch was just as bad, if not even worse, than the release of No Man’s Sky, which launched in 2016. However, the difference lies within the fact that No Man’s Sky had almost no features and then proceeded to claw its way back into the trust of its consumer base. Whether or not Cyberpunk and CDPR can do the same is entirely up to the developers.


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