Intel to Introduce New Box Coolers for Alder Lake Desktop CPUs

by in General | Sep, 14th 2021

At long last: Intel is going to introduce a series of brand new box coolers for its Alder Lake desktop CPU line-up and, needless to say, it’s been a long time coming! Heck, one could argue that it’s overdue, but better late than never!

If you’re a tech-head, you’re surely well-acquainted with Intel’s dreadful box coolers — the design of which hadn’t changed for what felt like an eternity. Now, no one expected to get anything spectacular inside the box, but these coolers often failed at their one and only job: to cool down Intel’s processors and not sound like a jet engine.

Intel did introduce that one small redesign back with (some of the) Comet Lake CPUs but it was more of a superficial change rather than anything more thought-out and comprehensive. AMD, on the other hand, had really stepped up its game with its Wraith Spire and Wraith Stealth box coolers — neither got any design awards but were nonetheless sufficient and appropriate.

Fortunately, “team blue” got the message loud and clear. With Alder Lake processors being right around the corner — CPUs with a noticeably different architecture — Intel has decided to “get with the times” and actually provide its buyers with a box cooler worthy of consideration. Most folks don’t go out of their way to purchase aftermarket air coolers and AIOs. That’s why it is so important for them to get something adequate in the box — a cooler that’ll do its job and, hopefully, not look downright dreadful in the process.

Intel Alder Lake CPU Box Coolers | Leaked Designs

Keep in mind that these designs are not final and that they might change (quite a bit actually) before Intel’s Alder Lake CPUs see the light of day. Interestingly enough, it seems that Intel is taking a page out of AMD’s book by offering a bit of RGB flair with two out of its three upcoming designs — no doubt an answer to AMD’s Wraith Spire, Wraith MAX, and Wraith PRISM.

A leaked slide with Intel’s upcoming box coolers

The RH1 (the biggest and shiniest of the bunch) is designed for i9 processors specifically. The one in the middle (RM1) is for i7, i5, and i3 SKUs, with the RS1 being geared towards Pentium and Celeron processors. And, much like with AMD’s box coolers, these aren’t going to blow anyone’s mind, but they do seem a lot more efficient and appropriate for the job.

In any case, we’re excited to see what Intel will bring to the table with its upcoming Alder Lake series of processors. If the rumor mill is to be believed, they’ll be both more powerful and cheaper than expected, which is a combination we haven’t seen in quite a while — and we have AMD to thank!


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