Infinity Ward Developer Apologizes for Insane Modern Warfare Update Sizes

by in Call of Duty | Feb, 14th 2020

Since coming out in October 2019, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been known to get important updates frequently. Whether it is to start a new season or update the existing one with new content and changes, Modern Warfare update sizes are often a hassle for players.

The most recent update brings Season 2 with new content like new maps, game modes, the Season 2 battle pass, and more. However, it also brought a stressful and unbelievably insane download size.

Even though the game is on three different platforms of PS4, Xbox One, and PC, the varied download sizes between them are still incredibly massive. The Modern Warfare update sizes can be well in the dozens of gigabytes in total for every single one of them.

Modern Warfare Season 2 Update Is Massive

Take, for example, the recent Season 2 update this week. If downloaded the patch on PS4, you get the best end of the deal of the three platforms with 51GB. The craziest part is that it is the smallest of the three systems.

Xbox One and PC players deal with a larger update at around 68GB for each of them. Modern Warfare update sizes are common to be in the 50 to 60GB range.

A few weeks ago, there was another update not meant to add much new content or start a new season. It was more than 50GB on most of the platforms, which is on par with an update that started only the second season of online multiplayer.

These Modern Warfare update sizes are crazy since we deal with an entire game’s worth of download sizes for a single patch. There are hundreds of quality games on each of those platforms with fewer data to download the entirety of them.

Though the current Modern Warfare update sizes don’t reach the actual size of the entire game, which is well over 100GB, this is a problem for players around the world. If you are someone with slow internet or data caps on your service, this could become a nightmare.

Infinity Ward Developer Apologizes for Download Sizes

Fortunately, one of the Infinity Ward developers finally addressed the massive download sizes for the updates on Twitter. Production director Paul Haile posted a thread on Twitter that went over the updates and apologized for the sizes.

Haile noted that Infinity Ward had to deal with pushing out new asset packs again, which resulted in the massive size of the update. He also stated the team works on keeping the overall “disk footprint” down for the game on the system.

Players can expect the overall size of the game on their hard drive to be a bit smaller, moving forward with this update. Apologizing for the massive sizes, Haile noted that the developer is using this as a chance to set up the data so that future updates won’t be this large.

This includes even future updates that will add new seasons and other content. Unfortunately, it just seems like recent updates have been a sort of growing pain for the game as it adjusts and gets the assets necessary for ensuring that not every update is more than 50 or 60GB.

This doesn’t stop players from sending feedback about the insanity of the Modern Warfare update sizes like the one this week. There are several threads on sites like Reddit where players are complaining about how large the updates are for them.

Modern Warfare Update Sizes Affects Players and Non-Players

A particularly noteworthy Reddit post got posted then removed from the official sub-Reddit for the game about the problem. In it, user JackMarstonRDR2 posted a screenshot from a supposed email sent from a college.

In it, the person noted the “slowness of the network,” presumably for the school, is due to the Modern Warfare update that clocks in at nearly 70GB for each person. The person noted that this affects multiple college campuses and the responsiveness of the network should return to normal soon.

The writer also urges the Call of Duty players to turn off their game system or device or update later after 1:00 am to ensure that the college has quality internet during normal hours. According to comments on the post, it comes from Marietta College in Ohio.

Though this is one school, other users noted that it is taking around nine hours or so to download the latest update on their university’s Wi-Fi. If updates continue to be like this, it will likely affect colleges like Marietta College in the future.

Hopefully, Infinity Ward can minimize the data size of these updates in the future to avoid situations like this. With data caps and slow internet still being a problem in parts of the country and world, this could be a recurring problem.


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