Infiltration Domestic Abuse Verdict Leads to Capcom Cup Drama

by in General | Nov, 29th 2021

Lee “Infiltration” Seon-woo qualified for the Capcom Cup VIII, but his history of domestic abuse has also come up. It has rightly outraged fans of Street Fighter V that someone who not only had allegations but was fined for is allowed to compete at all. On top of that, after being convicted, he threatened to sue people who talked about it. In 2017, Infiltration was arrested in Korea for domestic abuse. There’s no denying that Infiltration is a top-quality Street Fighter player, but that in no way excuses what he did. Fans are furious that he was allowed to compete to make it to the Capcom Cup.

Infiltration Didn’t Really Go Away

Despite Infiltration having a big of a self-imposed exile from Street Fighter, he was still competing in other games. He won Samurai Showdown at EVO 2019. This was considered an act of bad faith to many and selfish. His year-long ban from the CPT wasn’t affected because he didn’t go to EVO for Street Fighter V. Instead, he was there for Samurai Showdown. Infiltration kept a presence in the Korean FGC on top of that and reportedly used anti-defamation laws to shut down anyone who brought up his domestic abuse. 

In short, Infiltration’s ex-wife got a temporary restraining order after having a medical note from a hospital. It was alleged that she had bruising and a wrist injury from abuse at Infiltration’s hands. His sponsor, Panda Global, received credible evidence and ultimately terminated the contract with him. He had a year-long ban, so now he’s free to compete again. But just because he’s allowed to compete doesn’t leave people incredibly upset. The FGC is already not a safe place for women – though it should be. 

Infiltration made a statement during an interview with IGN Korea in 2019, defending himself. “Through me trying to defend myself, situations arose where I grabbed her attacking wrist or pushed her shoulders. Because men are stronger than women and her running in and being pushed back continued, the situation got louder, security came up, and policemen came. She immediately screamed that I had beat her up and tried to kill her.”

Having someone convicted of domestic abuse, such as Infiltration, be heralded and praised infuriates many people in the community. Some people are glad to have Infiltration back and make quick excuses for his behavior. There are quite a few people in the FGC that are furious about Infiltration being back. 

Ebonic Plague, an FGC commentator, made his feelings quite clear on the situation. “Convicted Domestic Abuser Infiltration was convicted in a court of law for domestic violence and then doubled down on it and threatened to sue people talking about it. Convicted domestic abuser Infiltration should not be allowed to enter your events, let alone be congratulated.” 

Then other people brought up other unsavory acts by Infiltration, such as rigging a tournament, via Spacecake Doll. “Infiltration. Known abuser, liar, fixing tourney brackets as a f**king TO, the list keeps f**king going at this point.”

Capcom only gave Infiltration a year-long ban for domestic abuse, and now he’s free to return and play as nothing happened. Normally, we’d have to preface it with “domestic abuse allegations,” but he was found guilty in a court of law. We will have to see how Capcom responds to this current backlash to their decisions. 


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